Matt Pryor at Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis (03/10/12)

The Get Up Kids' new album is called There Are Rules and they have recently toured with another emo band, Saves the Day, last month. They are returning to Minneapolis with Barsuk Records' The Globes, whose album production I thought was "fantastic". On his last national concert date, Matt Pryor, or better known as the Get Up Kids singer, came by The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis last night. He had a wide catalog of material to work with: The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, and solo work.Although the audience was not the huge crowd when he was last here, the fans, out last night, all really wanted to be there with Pryor.

Since this is the Triple Rock, the first of the three was Mike Midwestern. I didn't catch his entire set, but he seems pretty comfortable being on acoustic.

Highlight of their set was their cover of The Get Up Kids' "Out of Reach", which got the audience to stand up and sang along.

The Company We Keep is an "Alternative Press" type band, seemingly really well produced, and their songs are centered on singer Amy Brennan. Strangely enough, the band was basically unplugged for this set, and I believe their drummer was sitting on a cajon?

Songs on their setlist included a cover of Pedro The Lion's "Magazine". They ended their brief set with "Right Wrong".

Matt Pryor came on stage at 11pm, and he was really happy to back at the Triple Rock. The impression I quickly got from hearing his songs is that he sure writes a lot of lyrics. His audience can sing along to all his songs, they seem to identify with his little stories about broken hearts, broken promises, regrets/mistakes, etc.

He started his set with "Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down", from his new album, May Day.He threw in a couple of Get Up Kids songs ("Central Standard Time", "Valentine", and "Red Letter Day") and New Amsterdams ("Girl, Why'd You Run Away"), and even started taking requests.

Since this was his last tour date, I thought he would look relieve to finally go back home – but he seems happier being on stage and being on tour. So who knows, maybe you'll see him again, either with The New Amsterdams or The Get Up Kids.

Matt Pryor's album, May Day, is out now and can be purchased on Amazon.
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