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Ben on Twitter has given out a challenge to Facebook:

Google+ is much better that Facebook, people are just a little scared to transition

So are you watching the show right now? Let us know!
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What did they change it to +Darko Bogdanovic? And would you prefer to use Google+ to comment on our stories than, say, Facebook?
+Google+ for us! User friendly and all the features of Facebook & Twitter rolled into one. Wasn't watching but am now :)
Sorry +Weekend Sunrise kids love their ABC 3. We are split in our household on the preferred social network. Wife only uses Facebook while I am on here. I do not even have Facebook but do have a forgotten Twitter account.
Tren C
Jumping between Sunrise and the cycling.... easily prefer g+ to emobook....
I've abandoned fb completely - it simply became too annoying. I really don't care what someone is eating - I care about good images and content. On g+ I can filter to see what I want from who I want. Best thing is I can block the persistently annoying troll.
What would you like to see from our posts then +Paul Pavlinovich? Images? Videos like we have been posting? Or more commetary and interaction like this.
+Paul Pavlinovich I am having eggs and bacon for breakfast. Sorry I couldn't help myself. Well said otherwise, good quality relevant content.
Why not encourage viewers to post their morning images. You'd get a view around the country every day. 
Why not use both and let social media decide, I actively use both but see the passion here on G+
I like google+ a lot. Unfortunately, of my 400+ Facebook friends, I only have two on google+ and they don't use it
Sorry missed the show this morning,

Interaction plus good quality content. You don't find, or rarely find quality content on FB because people use it to stay in touch with family and friends and post useless status updates. G+ is the best social media for networking and information sharing. The information share on G+ is tremendous compared to FB.

I think that you guys need to post content that is interactive, advertise it a little more on sunrise, use photos (with permission of course) from Aussie photographers for a POTD type spot on Weekend Sunrise.

And you're right, the edit function is awesome and you can go back and delete a comment or an entire post well past 7 days. People are scared of change, even though FB is what 9 years old, many believe their lives are on FB. Remember MySpace? What happened to it. All social media platforms will go that way sooner or later and be replaced by new formats as they come along.

I could go on all day. 
Thanks Chris, that's it for the day though, no more well thought out comments until tomorrow.....
+Michelle Rose its #thewalkdownunder :)

Loads of great images from all over the country. This show documented and broadcast parts of the Sydney walk and we'd live to see them in Melbourne too for next year.

People interested in Photowalks see +Melbourne Photowalk 
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