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Computer Support and Internet Solutions for Local Business Owners
Computer Support and Internet Solutions for Local Business Owners


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CSS Zen Garden has always been a place for inspiration for web layout and designs.  

Reposted from +Webdesigntuts+, I was a intrigued by Trent Wilton's Apothecary.  That border did a good job of framing the content wonderfully.

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This is a good breakdown of the top 5 platform for video marketing.  What we like about this article is it also gives you the pros and cons of each, as well as good analysis of their strengths.
How can marketers leverage #video to generate leads, engage customers, show off their brand, and ‘humanize’ their content to appeal to more people? +Eric Hinson wrote up a beginner's guide to Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube & Google Hangouts:

#digitalmarketing   #youtube   #vimeo   #instagram   #hangouts   #vine  

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T-Mobile's landing/sales page for Simple Choice Plan is great.  The flow makes you go down deeper and is pleasing to the eye.

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There's been some exciting new features that was announced today by Google's +Vic Gundotra on Google Plus.

Key developments are:
1) Hangout planning, promotion (landing page) and management
2) Photography tools allowing you more features to auto-enhance images, and giving more users to be able to do post edits on images
3) Auto-awesome on Google+ Videos.

Also part of the announcement was having a customized URL for Google pages.  I don't know if we'll be getting notifications of that for this page but we're getting our fingers crossed.


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One of the local business that was featured by Google as an example for the latest Local Google Plus Business Page also included what is called Business Photos.  These are photos taken by qualified Google certified photographers who creates these panaromic 3D views of the interior and sometimes the exterior as well.  

We were able to catch a view of the photographer taking the photos in one of the view.

You could also watch the hangout of +Jade Wang +Derek Wetzel and Aubrey Gates as they discuss Business Photos on YouTube: Help Desk Hangouts On Air: Business Photos

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Google is running an initial Local Google+ page integration of small business maps listing and Google+ page.  If your business qualify, you could request for an uprade.  At this moment, one of the major qualification is that your business must a storefront location.

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This only shows that impact of social media on local business still has a long way to go. The report "Where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses" ( gives a good indication that local business must have a good web presence to attract more customers.

However, what this article did not show is the effect of mobile search on local business. That will be interesting to find out.

(Special thanks to +Danny Sullivan of for the share.)

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Wordpress has just released ver 3.3 named 'Sonny' after the great jazz sax player Sonny Stitt. We'll keep you updated as we check on what's noteworthy on this particular release, (specially the *drag and drop uploader*).

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John Jantsch has an interesting take on what will shape SmallBiz in 2012.

Although we're still on a relatively down economy, we saw a very different trend during the Thanksgiving weekend going towards Cyber Monday. There's a lot of activity during CyberMonday making it more like CyberWeek in a way.

I like to note that as social media begins to get widely adopted, I foresee more movement towards Social Commerce. And this will take the combination of SML (Social-Mobile-Local).
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