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How to Optimize a Blog Post on Your WordPress Site

If you already know how to log into your WordPress site and post a blog article, then Step 2 is learning How to Optimize a Blog Post on Your WordPress Site.
Now, what’s the point in optimizing a blog post? What does that even mean?

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The Dos and Don’ts of Reposting Articles in Your Blog

If you’ve known us for like five minutes or so, you know we’re BIG on content. Content is King, as they say. If you want your website to rank in Google searches, and you want your audience to see you as an authority in your industry, you need clear, relevant, well-written content.

The Dos and Don'ts of Reposting an Article into Your Blog
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A great way to provide that content is through blogging.

Many of our clients draw inspiration from other relevant and valuable articles they find online. Which is great! I mean, why reinvent the wheel? Lending credence to other reputable sources can actually boost your own credibility as well. It shows that you’re educating yourself and staying abreast of new developments in your industry, as well as providing value to your audience, regardless of the source.

Obviously we highly discourage copying and pasting other people’s articles. Not only could you get slapped with a hefty lawsuit, but to Google it appears as duplicate content - even if you link back to the original content – and you don’t want that. Google penalizes sites for duplicate content...

Working on an a redesign project for the Career Center at UC Irvine!

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Boring industry? 5 tips on writing content people will actually read. 

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Burning the late night oil at the home office!

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Just released an ebook on 4 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website. Check it out! 

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