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#Responsive #Budget #Website for Hanel Glass Tech #Angamaly
Hanel Glass Tech is a complete solution for #glass & #architectural #hardware. They undertaking all types of glass works like Automatic Doors , Spider glazing , Folding sliding systems , Glass doors , Bathroom partitions , Pergolas etc.
Visit Website:
Budget Websites Starting Rs.5000/-
Send your Requirements:
WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
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WordPress Website Care Plans
Our WordPress Maintenance Plans set at a reasonable monthly cost to suit your needs. We constantly monitor your website for security updates, plugin updates, spam comments, etc.
Starting Rs.750/month per website
Plan include
1. Wordpress Website Core #updates
2. #Plugin updates
3. #Theme updates
4. Daily/weekly #backups
5. #Security monitoring
6. Uptime monitoring
7. #Content Management Assistance
8. Popup Support Tasks
9. #Strategy Consulting
10. Google #Analytics Reports
For further information and to get started, contact us at
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Websight Design Solution offer free websites to
#charities and non-profit #organisations.
If your charity or non-profit organization would like a website or has one that is not working for you, then please contact us at
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Interested to work with us?
PHP Trainees
Invites trainees in PHP domain.
Candidates with Degree will be considered for the same
send resume at
We are looking for experienced Candidates for marketing. Candidates with good communication skills and managerial capabilities will be considered.
send resume at
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#Responsive #Design
#Responsive web design is one of the most important digital strategies you can use to help your brand online. It's surprising to see how many brands still don't have a website that is optimized for mobile.
A #responsive design ensures that regardless of the device users are accessing your site from (mobile, tablet or desktop) they are provided with a website that is #optimized for their screen. This type of design renders to fit the screen size, ensuring that users aren't faced with any issues in terms of functionality and usability. Whether it's buttons that are too big for the screen or images that require excessive zooming in and out or form fields that are too difficult to type into on mobile, any of these blunders with your design can interfere with visitors converting on your site.
To grow your brand online it's essential that you focus on a strategic approach to digital #marketing—and tailor these tactics to help meet the unique needs of your users.
For all website enquires please WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
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#Ecommerce Solutions
We help to sell your product and services through a secure, easy-to-manage, online application. We have the right solutions. Our e-commerce solutions have been designed with the end user in mind, focusing on usability in three key areas: store configuration, product and catalog creation, and order administration.
For all enquires please WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
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We are looking for #motivated college students/recent college graduates who are passionate and motivated individuals with a strong interest in #digital #marketing, #creative #design, #strategy, and/or agency operations who are seeking an educational #experience in a fast-paced and challenging #interactive environment.
Organized – capable of staying on top of many tasks
Proactive – take initiative to get things done without having to be asked
Creative – constantly coming up with and suggesting new ideas
Team Players – able to work well with other team members
When applying, please include an updated resume and a brief cover letter explaining how this internship fits into the path of your career
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Websight Design solutions concentrate on highly professional, custom designed web pages which can be tailored to meet your organization’s wishes. Our important focus is the design of low cost and quality #websites.
A #website provides 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year #advertising and #accessibility.
We pay attention cautiously to your goals and tailor our tactics to fulfill these requirements. We pledge honest commitment to making sure the success of your website development. Please call us in these days to speak about how we can work together.
For all inquiries please WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
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#Opencart Online #Shop #Website for Pharma Plus
Pharma Plus is a medical and pharmacy shop in Kalamassery, #Ernakulam, Kerala. We build a custom secure open cart online shopping experience Premium SSL website for Pharma Plus.
Click to visit :
Opencart Shop Websites Starting Rs.12000/-
Send your Requirements
WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
#SSL #Certificates Starting Rs.7000/yr
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#WordPress #Website for Ainos.
Ainos one of the pioneering implant in Christian pious articles at Kochi. We Build two #wocommerce shop website for them. Click to visit
Wordpress Shop Websites Starting Rs.12000/-
Send your Requirements
WhatsApp / Call : 7034739904
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