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360 product photography is quite involved.. This engaging video from our friends at SpinFrame360 shows just part of the process.

PS: one thing we always wanted to experiment with was using laser guiding to mark center point on a turntable as well as X-Y axis to help with product positioning. You may still need to measure the product to make sure it's not off balance while spinning, but quick laser guiding that you can turn on and off could help. We haven't tried it yet though!

#studiophotography #commercialphotography

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Pretty useful video, showing how to setup an infinite and reflective background for 360 product photography:


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It's the best Monday motivation to receive an email like this in your support inbox:

What can I say despite: I love it!
Too early to see if there will be an impact on my rebound rate but it looks exactly how I expected it.
Everything went smooth, you all understood and created what I imagined. It gives a better impact on the 360 degrees and still images alike, with the challenge of numerous color changes AND responsive mode.
Please accept my warm congratulations for you and your team, I feel I have the highest level of quality among my competitors.

Worth every penny despite the heavy investment for our family business.

I'm very satisfied.

Thank you! We will keep working hard so all our users and clients have this level of satisfaction.

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Here's a good example of interactivity you can achieve with your product views even when there are no rotational images:

#digitalmarketing #ecommerce

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We recently cooked up a template for one of our clients to show how to quickly integrate a "lightbox" popup with WebRotate 360 product views.

And even though many of our CMS plugins have the popup already built-in, some of you might still find it useful for your custom integration or client demos. So here it is:


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This 360 view would look so cool with the page design if it was shot on black... and made taller on the page. Nevertheless, it's nice to see that Shopify users are trying webrotate. And we now have a Sopify app to make it easy!

#shopify #images

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Here's an awesome architectural example by guys at ALIGN3D. We can only imagine the amount of effort it took to model and render these super realistic 3d images And it's breathtaking in full-screen.. Impressive!

#3d #CAD #marketing

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It's always a pleasure to share success stories, especially when our software is part of the process. So here's Keter 360 by guys at, who produced over 12000 product views for their clients like Keter using webrotate360. It's a lot of 360 views and they have more coming!

#ecommerce #digitalmarketing

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Here's a pretty interesting collection of antique pistols in 360 degrees via webrotate360. Museum grade quality!

Navigate to Home to see collections from other historic periods.

#museum #photography

BTW: we also recently released a stable beta of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Magento 2.

For those familiar with our extension for Magento 1.x, the beta currently features the Ad-hoc mode which is quite popular.

Download link and installation details are currently sitting under Magento announcements on our forum:

#magento #ecommerce
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