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Powerful, flexible PHP solutions.
Powerful, flexible PHP solutions.

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Enjoy WSN Forum free for a year with this special offer:
If you cancel at the end of the year, your site stays up but you lose support and updates.

Updated the geolocation data today with maxmind's latest. To update your site, go to youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[1]=geosql&dataindex=1&part=0 and let it run.

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Introducing the WSN development blog.

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Tip: If ads are preventing your WSN site from passing google's mobile site test, try responsive ad units: . Also, please contact WSN support if you have any mobile design issues.

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Among the new features today in 9.1.18 is Google Sign-In integration for one-click logins: 

New default theme in today's WSN 9.1.10. The old default is now 'stark'. Also added ad click tracking and {THISMEMBERUNSUBSCRIBEURL}.

Did you know?
When using WSN's bootstrap theme, you can swap it for any other bootstrap theme from a site like bootswatch just by replacing the two @import lines at the top of the stylesheet.

If you work with WordPress, you'll want to check out WSN 9.1.4. WSN can now automatically integrate the theme of your WordPress website, just use Admin -> Members -> Integration and keep the integrate theme box checked. Tested on several themes so far, let me know if you find one it doesn't work well with.

Ever wanted to update hundreds or thousands of your listings at once from a spreadsheet? Export the spreadsheet to CSV/TSV, make sure your titles and URLs are unique, and use WSN 9.1.2's CSV importer option to overwrite existing listings with the same title/url.

The WSN 9.1 series has been released. New developments will be concentrated there, allowing the 9.0 series to stabilize.
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