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Providing quality web design, maintenance, seo and hosting.
Providing quality web design, maintenance, seo and hosting.

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Build links with high authority websites. Be selective. #SEO

Is your content easy to share? Provide share buttons to increase engagement. A social site, is a higher ranking site... #SEO

Your web pages should have a code-to-content ratio of about 25%. i.e. for every line of html, write 3 content! #SEO

Is your title too long? Remember Google listings truncate the title, so get your point in the first few characters, not the last! #SEO

Increase page load times by delaying your JavaScript. #SEO

Trying to get rid of a back link? Cannot contact the administrator? Use the Google disavow tool... #SEO

Use <title> to spell out, clearly, the unique purpose of your page! #SEO

A slow site is a low ranking site… Speed it up! #SEO

Handle your trailing slash appropriately to avoid duplicate content! #SEO

HTML sitemaps are great, for users, but not for search engines. Make sure you also provide an XML version. #SEO
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