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Thanks to all of you who attended our I/O talk--including those of you following along on the live stream! We'll post a link to the session video here once we have it.

Here are the links we talked about at the end of our talk:

Learn More
Introduction to Web Components (
CSS Variables Spec (

Web Components Polyfill (requires Shadow DOM support) (
Mozilla's x-tags Custom Elements Polyfill (works on all browsers) (

Of course, if you're reading this you're already in the right place to hear all about web components into the future. Stay tuned!
Introduction to Web Components. W3C Working Draft 22 May 2012. This version:; Latest version:; Latest edi...
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Any chance we can get your code for the x-poll example?
In the presentation you compared the solution given by frameworks like Backbone. But most of those frameworks efforts is finding a way to connect the page with a datasource. Is there any plan for a a declarative API for that? (kind of overlapping with AngularJS team's work).

Anyway, great news I'm very excited to start publishing my web components :)
This is the most important thing to hit the web since CSS. Any chance we can get the slides?
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