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Webb Pickersgill
Director of Photography, Filmmaker, Husband, and Dad (not necessarily always in that order)
Director of Photography, Filmmaker, Husband, and Dad (not necessarily always in that order)

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Traveling to Phoenix tomorrow to begin production on "Eleven Eleven" starring Charles Baker, Krista Allen, Christina Rose, and Jennifer Pfalzgraff.  Very excited!!

For the inaugural "Filmmaker Friday", I'd like to honor director +Kevin R Phipps. I don't even know where to begin, but Kevin has been instrumental in helping me to open my creative eyes.

Kevin is very unusual... in fact most people looking from the outside may even think he's downright strange and if you've seen his films you know he is. His style and bizarre storytelling ideas have always mesmerized me, and the camera ideas he has to execute them challenge me in ways I never thought of.

I have never meet a more emotionally honest person. Once you know him, he will wear his heart on his sleeve for you. If he needs something, he asks for it. If he's feeling something good or bad, he talks about it openly. Rarely do his emotions ever "flare" under pressure, which is inspiring to watch when there is fire all around and he keeps his chill. He knows how to identify what is making him feel the way he is, and calmly and kindly ask for it to change. He has unusual ways of getting what he wants, but never is disrespectful to the people he is asking. To be creatively successful, you have to be emotionally honest with yourself. Being witness to this sort of honesty has changed me as a filmmaker, and inspires me to practice this emotional honesty more often.

I am currently working on the feature film "Grief" as Kevin's DP. Things on set are never perfect, but that's what makes them perfectly perfect. He has taught me to embrace imperfection, and let go of what you cannot control. Give direction, but allow those doing the work to give it their own creative flair. It will never be perfect, and because if that it already is. This new philosophy has really brought balance to my often overly-zealous "it has to be THIS way" mentality on set.

So, I honor you, Mr. Kevin Phipps, for being who you are and for helping me continually discover who I am.

I hereby declare "Filmmaker Friday"  Each Friday I would like to honor a fellow filmmaker who has been pivotal in my career. A person who may have guided my creativity, given me a chance, showed me more than 100% effort, or otherwise put up with my shit... all for the sake of telling a story in a visually artistic way.

In our industry, it's hard to find people that really "get" you creatively... and when you do find them, it's love. They're not perfect relationships, none are, but we humbly reciprocate in our artistic dance of creativity, and in the process we grow more than we could ever have imagined.

We also know that everyone has differing working relationships. This is why I hope to speak from the heart about WHY this filmmaker has made a difference in my life, so that hopefully some day you can chose to give them a chance too, and discover something more about the creativity you have inside.

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I am happy to announce my latest short film The Class Analysis, which I will be directing later this year. Executive Producer Jim Politano, Screenwriter Ioannis N Skiotes. I'd appreciate if you would like the page over on Facebook. Thanks everyone!

So... Google+ ... anything really going on here?  Convince me that I should keep yet ANOTHER social profile active.  Please. ;)
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