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Don't make decisions on the wrong data!
Don't make decisions on the wrong data!

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Release notice!

WASP.crawler v0.9.2
- crawl optimization
- tweaked default crawl performance parameters
- minor bug fixes, including a bug custom selector wasn’t ever found on any pages
- code cleanup

WASP.inspector v1.4.1
- fixed an error preventing WASP from running when Chrome is blocking 3rd party cookies

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WASP.crawler v0.9.1 is out - just a few minor bug fixes.

As usual, you will get the update automatically or you can get WASP.crawler from

Oh! And we've broken to 2,000 active users goal! :)

I really love how easy it is to do quick fixes, package a new release and make it available - something that was much more complicated when WASP was only available for Firefox!

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WASP.crawler v0.9

We just pushed an update packed with bug fixes and improvements:
► a totally revamped user interface (and a new logo!)
► powerful rules to include/exclude specific pages, tags or even grab any value from the pages you crawl
► improved Tableau reporting, including a new ComScore report
► revisited payment workflow and licensing checks
► several bug fixes (of course!)

Of course, beta being beta, there are still some areas that needs improvement, namely the speed of crawl and some false-negative (reporting there’s no tag while in reality it’s there). Those are the top two priorities before our official v1.0 release.

The update will be done automatically, or you can go under Chrome Tools/Extensions and click on “Update extensions now”.

We continue to work hard on bringing improvements, bug fixes and an upcoming revamp of the branding for the website and WASP.inspector.

Remember you can always visit to submit a bug or feature request.

We are also looking for more customer testimonials - a short sentence stating why you find WASP useful. If we showcase yours on our revamped website you will get a free domain license!

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WASP.inspector v1.3.5 is out

This is a minor release to fix the "find" highlight feature.

Did you know you can do "Ctrl-F" while the cursor is focused on the WASP panel and it will bring a search box. Enter some criteria and the matching nodes will be highlighted. Continue to navigate and the highlight will "stick" to your search criteria.

Very handy to quickly browse and check if a specific tag is firing!

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WASP.inspector v1.3.4 is out!

New & improved in this release:
► New! Show SEO info about the page you are inspecting
► New! Open source files directly from the sidebar panel "clip" view
► Improved! Complete friendly names for Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce - up to 200 products, with a potential of 200 custom dimensions or metrics, and up to 200 listings with 200 products and 200 dimensions or metrics each!
► Other minor bug fixes and UX improvements

If you already have WASP.inspector installed, it will update automatically or if you are eager to get it, in Chrome, go under “More tools/extensions” and click “Update extensions now”.

If you don’t have WASP.inspector installed (WHAT?!?!?!) head over to right now!

Also, if you find bugs, or have feature requests and ideas, please visit - we love to hear from you!

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WASP.inspector v1.3.3

Some minor tweaks in this release:
► updated friendly names for GA eCommerce
New!  Now detects using POST requests to send data (Google Analytics and Site Catalyst among others)

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WASP.crawler v0.8

► many small bug fixes and UX improvements
► improved report overview and Pages & Vendors view
► improved selection and filters in reports
► ability to have complex rules for pages and tags detection
► you can now control page load timeouts and retries when launching the crawl

Note: WASP is so powerful that it can bring your computer to an halt or trigger server-side security systems and block all requests. Don't abuse the number of concurrent pages!

If WASP.crawler is already installed you will automatically get the update.

If not, you can install it and crawl 100 pages on any domain, as often as you like, at no cost!
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WASP.crawler v0.7

- Significantly improved crawl speed and accuracy
- Trimmed down the post-processing time
- Improved reporting
- Various bug fixes and UX improvements

You can now purchase a $49/domain license to crawl up to 10,000 pages at once, as often as you like (limited time offer).

If WASP.crawler is already installed you will automatically get the update.

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WASP.crawler v0.4.3

- New! Adobe Site Catalyst audit dashboard
- New! Initial SEO dashboard
- other goodies includes bug fixes & speed improvements, interface improvements, Tableau Reader report enhancements

Get the free beta version and crawl up to 100 pages in just a few seconds!
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Friday goodness: WASP.crawler v0.4.2

- Automatically save crawl config
- Better error detection when starting crawl
- Improved UX for output window & links are clickable
- other subtle improvements :)

- Improved highlight and indicators
- Links are clickable
- GA, UA and GTM dashboards with custom vars/dimensions (more improvements coming up for those)

Get the WASP.crawler from

Keep the feedback coming! We love it!
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