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It's never too late for your company to start its Social Media Marketing efforts.
How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing
By +Barry Feldman 

Do you need a beginner’s guide to social media marketing?

Looking for something to help you get started with social media?

Social media is a conversation you can join any time. Join now. You’ll be welcomed.

In this article we’ll help you blast through the hardest part of social media: getting started. Right here. Right now.

Here you go: the essential how-to guide, no experience required.  -Kim
#socialmediamarketing   #howtodosocialmedia  

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How to Use Visual Content for Real-Time Engagement
By (the wonderful) +Donna Moritz :)

Is visual content part of your social media strategy?

Is your content flexible enough to engage fans in real time?

Your audience is never more primed to share content than when they’re “in the moment” at an event, on location or while experiencing your brand.

In this article we’ll show you four ways you can use visual content to motivate real-time interaction.  -Kim 

#visualcontent   #contentstrategy  

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