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Check out the screenshot below. If it's not a coincidence it's... wow!

seen @ +Nate Carpenter

Edit: it might just be a coincidence because if you go here: and select to download the full image, you'll notice the filename is Tease_Cover_Global_M7... And M7 is a 4.7 inch phone, not a tablet.

We'll find out more tomorrow.
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I tought the same thing when I read that HTC had an announcement for tomorrow too.....
Tim R.
This could be interesting (-:
HTC tablet with Ubuntu Tablet OS on it. We can only hope :)
+Michal Fiurášek The Ubuntu side says a Tablet so no.

I really don't think HTC will come out with a tablet, they really need a new killer phone if they want to stay alive.
A lot of tech articles are speculating the HTC launch is for a new phone which is either called the HTC One or M7. The timer has also been up way longer on the HTC website than the Ubuntu website. So I think it's just pure coincidence. But it would be cool if I was wrong.^^'
From what I've heard it's their new flagship phone, quite a nice bit of kit too. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but HTC announced that they would be pulling out of the tablet market in US right? So of course this is just a coincidence. 

(I'm skipping the fact that it's obviously the One.)
Seriously... the current tablet market is dead, even the overvalued ipad. I mean a tablet literally useless, it does some things but really not more than I could not sort out on my phone...  bigger glossy display, maybe... but with ubuntu things could change completely... it depends on the architecture though. Overall it sounds really promising. I am looking forward to see it!
I think that this is just pure coincidence, HTC will release a new phone.
Yes, it can be as both just count down until the conference... :) it
would be nice though. 
If you consider the fact that HTC actually does development using Ubuntu... I truly think that this is meant to be :D
Sorry to disapoint you, but this is just a coincidence. It was no secret, that HTC is going to introduce ther new Phone "HTC One (M7)" this days 
For u know tablet might not be tablet lol
For sure it's not an Ubuntu tablet. Ubuntu hasn't managed to run it on Nexus 7. Impossible.
I've seen some sort of working ubuntu on nexus 7?!
Instead of going bat-poo crazy on social media, why don't we just wait and see?  I'm going to bed
They're a minute apart, duhhhh! Troll face
If they picked a time that didn't land on the hour and wasn't a "normal" start time of the day (say 8:00AM UTC-8) then I might agree.  The coincidence is only 1:365.242199.  Though I guess if people are willing to believe they might win the Mega Millions lottery with 1:175,000,000 odds, they'll believe anything.
Okay, this might be some useful info for you Ubuntu fanatics: Every time that the clock hits a number that ends with "1," the whole thing lights up and there's a quick background video of the tablet. So, one could dissect this to find out that the new tablet will have "1" in its name.
HTC the pioneer again just like with Android. I commend HTC, a Windows exclusive company was bold enough to bring the first Adroid device to us.
When everyone was hesitating, they brought us the second.
I wont be surprised if they are the pioneers of Ubuntu Tablet OS.
I wish them success as usual.
Ubuntu would have to team up with a hardware maker for their tablet, so maybe HTC?
yup! its pretty obvious that HTC will be the first 1 to announce about their new device..;)
Where do we buy one from in Asia?
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