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How To Get Rid Of Internal System Error Apport Popups In #Ubuntu :
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Thanks! I don't mind submitting bug reports but this pops up at least every hour and it's bloody annoying!
i see this at least 5 times a week since 12.04.. :P havent ever seen an  error report popping up in my 3 years experence with all those older versions.. :) 
12.4 lasted less than a week on my machine. There are too many other distros that are high quality and well worth trying. When one fails me I move on and I don't often make it back for quite some time.
+Rob Derr. So you ar relying on other to make the perfect distro for you? if you don't give feedback to the dev how do you expect them to improve things?
It could be that you have some old crash reports in /var/run or something that trigger the dialog even if nothing is crashing, you might want to check in there. 
+Dwayne Eller - Certainly he could get away from Ubuntu's problems by switching to Mint. He might have gone to the Debian version of Mint, or it could just be that Mint fixes a lot of the problems Ubuntu creates for itself. I've never seen or heard of this pop-up error problem happening in Mint.
I'd like to know how to get rid of the PROBLEM that causes these messages to appear....
For bugs to disappear they need to be reported.
As more and more people use Ubuntu the ratio of "techies" is quicky dropping to be replaced by "casual" users who very rarely will report issue back or will do it poorely
So Canonical decided to use apport to do the report instead.
12.04 is newish so is prone to have bugs and now people complain about these bugs being reported. The other way would have been to send the report in the background without the user knowing but then they would have been accused of foulplay or spying on people
you can't get it right!
12.04 is there for the next years so one would expect that eventually these report will all but disappear
Note: I am not the best at reporting bugs but I also don't complain about the apport tools ;) I just press Continue.
If you read the article, Andrew's problem is when this pops up but you CANNOT report the bug. If you can't report it, it is just intrusive and annoying.
+Brandon M ah yes I missed the "can't be reported" bit...So I guess we need to write a bug on the report tool ;)
Yeah, this popup is all kinds of annoying/useless. I love Ubuntu, and (shockingly) have been using it for some time without even changing the theme (!) but there are moments when I really wonder what they were thinking. There are so many things that get attention and polish, but then they just let other things - like this - slide by.  It feels like they shrug and say "good enough."  I hate that mentality.
why called LTS?
coz it must be supported to fix bugs [just kidding]
Why it's not disabled by default on final release?!
Thanks for the tip. I thought there was a bug in 12.04 and the popup would annoy me. 
+Philippe Le Toquin But Ubuntu develop team can hide bugs like this from end users, as they can't (or better to say will not) help fixing the bugs (as simple error reports do not provide enough info). This crash report popup on every login make users fill ubuntu is not a a relayable OS, or 6 month release cycles forced them to release beta as final :)
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