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Upgrade To Gvfs With MTP Support In Ubuntu 12.10 Or 12.04 To Easily Connect Android 4.0+ Devices:

Like I was telling you a while back, Gvfs has been updated in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, bringing a new MTP backend which allows users to access Android 4.0 devices which do not support the USB Mass Storage protocol, along with many other changes. Since it's unlikely for the latest Gvfs (1.15.2) to be backported to older Ubuntu releases, you can use a PPA which has the latest Gvfs MTP backend backported to Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10.

We've already covered a way to connect Android 4.0 devices that don't support UMS to Ubuntu, using Go-Mtpfs, but that requires to mount the Android device manually. If you upgrade to the backported packages in our PPA, you'll get seamless MTP support so when you connect an Android 4.0 device via USB, it should automatically show up in Nautilus (or Thunar, it should work with it too) without having to manually mount it. You'll also be able to unmount it from Nautilus.
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If the nautilus open mine big HDs in less tha 8 minuts. This can be useful. 
Totally awesome! I'd like to be using Raring already but there's still a a gstreamer bug that keeps me from playing music more than 5 minutes. This is bring a bit of the Raring awesomeness into my 12.10 install.
Finally.Working great on Ubuntu 12.10.Been using gMTP for awhile now to manage file transfers for my android.
Many thanks this was driving me insane :-)
OMG if this works I'll fall in love with Ubuntu again (our relationship has been going through a rough patch)
I can not view pictures or other files directly from my android device but I can download it to my computer and open it from there just fine. Is it how it should works ? or mine is some how massed up ?
The only reason I've ever had to connect my Android 4.0 phone to my computer is for either development, or perhaps loading a new ROM.  The SDK works perfectly for this.  I either use Ubuntu One or scp to transfer all my files.  Was this really such a huge issue?  In any case, I'm glad they're fixing it, but still...
Eh, I just pop the micro sd out... 
I have an issue with nexus 4... Jpeg thumbnails don't work and opening said jpegs straight from the mtp drive fails in Nautilus in 12.04... Copying the files to ext4 works tho
Effectively creating scars on peoples feet since 1958
I've used Ubuntu and I know all of the Windows haters are going to jump on this but...

Every single time I've bought or used a PC with Windows every single thing from MS worked great. It has been crap programs like Firefox that didn't work right. Ubuntu was fun at first but just didn't have the huevos to keep up with the demands I put on a machine. I'm a software engineer and have seen some of the crap code written for Ubuntu. Wake up people, that's why when you walk into any store (other than Apple) they are pre-loaded with WINDOWS!
Can I play battlefield or cod on that or run Photoshop ?
Oh, brother. Someone claiming Ubuntu's codebase is lower quality than Windows'.  That's why no companies building products that demand high quality (like, oh, routers and other network gear, storage systems, vastly-scaled supercomputer systems, cloud processing) use Linux ... oh wait ...

There are a whole lot of other theories as to why Windows is most prevalent on desktops.  Ask IBM.  Ask Kildall.

I know, i know ... such hate pouring forth from me. Or is it amusement?  Yeah, it's amusement.
+Christopher Zachar I'm using a free (as in beer), trustworthy system that works great for me, is virus-free without any bloated crapware and is totally customizable. Too bad you didn't like it, but hey, that's the good thing about choices. But I can safely say I've "woken up".
Now let me ask you something: why did you bring yourself to this post to write this totally unrelated stuff? Because people like me are going to pick up the bait or something? oO I guess I shouldn't feed the trolls anyway ¬¬
+Christopher Zachar Every single thing from MS worked great? You must have skipped Windows ME and Vista along the way. Both of those operating systems were junk with no third party software. Windows defender could chug down a decent machine and it didn't defend against anything. 
Too bad I only develop on 11.10 because its what is supported for development.
Will it be an official Ubuntu release soon
Well I come back to Linux every 2 years to see what has changed. Sad to say this time like others I am not impressed 
I've tried with my xperia u and works perfectly... 
I would love to test that
vijay m
i would love to test
For those who have local wifi AirDroid app is great alternative.
It may be that the reason that PC are pre-loaded with Windows is not so much down to the claimed 'technical excellence' of Windows but rather the marketing funding provided by Microsoft to computer companies that state a preference for Windows. For many companies on tight margins this is key contribution to their profitability. It would be interesting to get transparency on these arrangements!
I've updated the instructions with a new PPA that's more stable!
So that is the damn problems can't get anything to hook up...whew thanks for his thread
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