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After many many many weeks of work by several people, we got WebRTC working with WebAudio. Judging by this: it's a popular feature request.

All the usual disclaimers apply: patches need reviews, need to be tested and landed, it will take several more weeks, etc... but it shows there is hope... and it's super cool!!!
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Great news! Thanks for the hard work on this. 
Awesome! Thanks for the hard work!
Excellent!   You are correct that this is a popular request.  It's nice to see that it's getting worked on.
Brilliant work. I am looking forward to this for a long while. Thank you.
Is this feature already available for developers in any build of chrome (canary maybe)? Or we must wait for tests to end? It'll be my pleasure if I could participate in testing;)
sorry, not yet available. a lot of hard work going on though.
any news on actually recording it; like storing the recorded audio/PCM data?
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