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First post here in while. Because, well I have to concede that currently Google+ is very far from my primary social media network! I expect big things for the future though, especially given the weight Google have now thrown behind it by the integration with search. Lets see how long it is before it starts to take hold!

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Here in the UK small businesses have looked on rather enviously as those in the US have an entire day focussed on them, and spending with them.OK we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK, but is that any reason there shouldn't be a 'Small Business Saturday UK'?! No, UK small businesses are just as good and deserve recognition and our attention at least once a year!

So UK residents why not sign the petition we've started at calling for official UK Government recognition of, and support for, a 'Small Business Saturday UK'? Particularly in the current economic climate we should be giving our small businesses a helping hand!

You can vote here:

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A big deal, which seriously adds some value to the Google PPC offering.
Check this out... Google's now showing +1s in PPC ads, plus a link to our Google+ page. We'll have a post on the blog about this soon.
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