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Elevate your online presence by creating an absolute awareness of your company on the web.
Elevate your online presence by creating an absolute awareness of your company on the web.

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Have you seen the commercials on TV for the new 'Google Home'? This is the device that sits in your living room (or any room) and you ask it questions such as "What sound does a whale make?" or "Is it going to rain tomorrow?". You activate it by preceding your question or command with "OK Google".
Pretty cool right? Amazon also has a similar product on the market.
Google Home uses the web to answer any question you may have. This is another aspect of how internet marketing and good old SEO will help you gain customers. Since Google is basically using the same algorithm to find any answer to any question, just as its regular search engine does.
So, where is Google going with A.I.?
Google already uses it for its android smart phone software on voice activation features, as well as the self-driving Google automobile.
Combine Google A.I. with robotics and you get a personal assistant robot for your home that can answer questions, do commands, and also chores.

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Google Mobile First Index -
Google is rolling out a new algorithm in how it tabulates its rankings in regard to mobile vs. regular desktop webpages. Google is now going to be placing more weight to the mobile pages in their index. This makes sense, since more people are now using the interweb via their smartphones and other small devices.

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Since Google has done away with the ads on the right side of their search engine results, they have also increased the width of the left side (main) results (from 512 pixels to 600). This gives us more room to work with. So how many characters is 'best use' for a title now? Are there other factors to consider when writing a title tag? Of course there is! Read more: Title Tag Length Guidelines

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The ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages Project’ (AMP) is starting to gain more traction. This project (developed by Google) is an open source programming language designed to streamline the loading of mobile pages on smart phones. At present, it is used mostly for publishing related web pages (such as news, blogs, articles). The idea is to make websites more accessible for smart phones. See more at:

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Those of us in the SEO community know that a link campaign isn't about getting the largest number of links possible. Instead, link building has become an exercise in evaluating a link, and whether or not that link is a good one, a so-so one, or a bad one. Obtaining a bad link can get you penalized in Google, so it makes sense to make a concerted effort to do your research. Your clients will benefit. This article tells you what to look for including the relevance, human value, authority and trust, and the technical elements of link building.

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Want your website to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo? It's really quite simple. Just a few easy steps will get your site more quality hits than you are likely getting at the present. Check out a free SEO guide at

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With Google, the updating of a website, or 'freshness' of content, goes a long way to establishing better rankings. While this has always played a big role, it looks as if Google is taking another look.

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Are you thinking of redesigning your website? Think again!
A site redesign is a great idea, but there is an important factor you might not have thought of - the loss of your search engine rankings.
If your site has been optimized, then you want to keep your on-page content, and also the source code title's of your site, as they are currently. Otherwise, you will likely slip in rankings. This may include every page of your site!
Also, think about this....there may be other websites that are presently linking to some of your pages, and you will lose those links, if those pages no longer exist.
So, be sure to keep your content and page names (web address) the same, just redesign your new site around them.
Read more:

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Improve Your Local Rankings:
This article offers up 10 steps to improve your website rankings in the search engines, and elsewhere.
Although not comprehensive, the article does give some quick, well written, and important tips. Topics include website optimization, social networking, the importance of visual content (video, images etc.) blogging, mobile traffic, navigation, and call-to-action. Good stuff for the beginner. Follow these 10 steps and you will be well on the road to getting more traffic to your site.
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