The Visit
[This might be part of my upcoming #RiverNovel    ]

"Did you hear about the body washed up by Myra's beach? Yeah. Hank told me. A couple of young fellas were dragging their boat into the water to go fishing, and one of them stepped on something squishy. When he lifted his foot, a bunch of weeds and a wrist watch was caught on his toes. He had squished the watch right offa the man's arm. Police are trying to ID the guy. They say ya can use dental records, since of course he didn't have ID on him, but how does that work? How many dentists are they going to run to, to find one that recognizes his teeth? What do they do, take impressions and send around the plaster teeth? They can't just send them. The package might get kicked into a corner and forgotten. Unless the police spend the big bucks on postage so every dental office has to sign for the package, but they can't be spending our taxes on that kind of nonsense, right? They can't pay a courier to deliver all the teeth and stand there waiting for an answer from each dentist. So, really. Don't tell me they use dental records. If you don't have ID on ya, and you've been waterlogged and rotting for a while, they can't ID ya. They're probably gonna say it's some Tom Dick or Harry who disappeared from Tulsa, Oklahoma because they can't be sure that it's Hurley who we thought was buried, but actually, you see, that closed casket was empty because he fell out of the van on the way to the mortuary. So they'll never go to Hurley's dentist because Hurley's never been to one, and no one knows that he's missing. Right? Besides, I don't like closed coffins. How do you know what you're burying?"

She takes a swig of her beer.

"So, Maggie took me for my annual physical. All that poking and prodding can't be much fun when they're playing with an old woman like me.

"So, after, she took me for lunch. On our way into the mall, we walked through Macy's. She tried to get me to look at clothes, but I wasn't gonna try on anything after getting dressed twice already that day. Besides, how many clothes do I need? I have Harry's shirts that fit me just fine, and it's not like I'm on my knees all day any more, so dungarees don't wear out.

"You know, I lost three inches? Yeah. I was always 5 5 but now I'm 5 2. They say my spine got curvier while the rest of me lost curves. It all evens out in the end, I guess.

"Now, look. You're about ready for dessert. Go get the jar on the counter and bring it here. I think I have some cookies left in it. They told me not to be eatin' sweets, but you have to have a treat, right?"

[I'm looking for an image of an old beat up cookie jar with a squirrel decorating it, sitting on the counter in the kitchen of a small old beat up trailer :) ]
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