A #SaturdayScenes from near the end of my #RiverNovel  . This longer scene follows immediately after the shorter one that I posted last week. I welcome suggestions and questions.

I run the boat up on the beach, and climb over the edge. There's no point in tying it to the dock; there's no wind to speak of. The sky is clear. I don't see her around. A shell sticking out of the sand catches my eye. It goes in my pocket. 

She said that she'd be gone until the end of the week. Maybe that was this week. Or was that last week. I step up into her trailer and look around. I open the cupboard under the sink. I scrounge through some cleaning supplies, and find one box of cold cereal. I start to pull out the box, but it has holes chewed in the bottom of the back. Mouse turds fall out with shredded cardboard and crumbs. No way am I eating anything in this cupboard. I put it back so it can feed something else, and push on the door to make sure it's closed all of the way. I gag on the thought of eating that. I give the door an extra shove.

I creep over to the fridge, and open the door a little, afraid of what I'll find. Empty. Cleaned out. She must be gone for a while. Did she say she was going to Lyle's for a week? When was that?

An upper cupboard has condiments. Seasonings. Cans of food. I open the drawers, searching for a can opener. This paring knife might do the trick to get into some tuna fish. I hold the handle up and pound the tip down on to the can. It just slides sideways and off. I try again, and still can't get the knife to dent the lid. A third time proves that this isn't going to work.

I rummage in the drawers for a can opener. A bottle opener catches my eye. Its curves fit well in my hand. Its wood is smooth in my fingers. It goes in my pocket. I have something else in my pocket: a shell and a jack knife. Hm. My stomach rumbles, and I turn back to the cupboards.

Is there any food under the kitchen sink? I have to tug on the door to get it open. A box of cold cereal. Yeah, that'll do. When I pull it out, some leaks out of holes in the bottom. No problem. I catch the crumbs in my hand and pour them into my mouth. Yeah. At last. I shake out a few more handfuls, eat them, and then put the cereal box back on the counter. I open the canister beside it. It has a few sugar crystals in the bottom. I lick my finger to collect all of them, and suck on it until the flavor is gone. I wonder where Milly is. I turn in a circle and scan to see if she's in the trailer with me. Nope. I'm the only one here. A pen is sitting on the counter. It goes in my pocket.

Did I look in the upper cupboards yet? Dishes. Cups. Bags. Foil and plastic wrap. Towels. Bags. Soaps. Paper towels. Bags.  I rummage through the bags, looking for something to eat. Empty. Such a small kitchen with so much space with no food! Bowls. Teapot. Toaster. Napkins. Sponge. A pile of bag ties. A red shiny one catches my eye. Into my pocket.

Her cookie jar is on the counter. Empty and clean. A sugar canister sits beside it. I open it, but it is empty and clean. A flour canister sits there, too, and it has some flour dustings. I lick my finger to wipe them all up, and suck on it until the flavor is gone. A box of cereal sits there, too. The top is still sealed. Ew! Holes chewed in the bottom! It falls to the floor, and I jump away from it. 

Where's Milly? I look out the window, then step outside, but her boat is gone. She must have gone to the mainland or somewhere.

I open up a cupboard door. Mayonnaise I take it down, and use a spoon that is sitting on the counter to scoop some up. Mmmm. Nice and creamy and wet. A good zippy flavor. I collapse on the sofa to enjoy this treat that I found.

I did a pretty good job cleaning up the jar, so I put it back in the oven. A stroll along the shore might be nice. I reach my arms out as I stretch my back and yawn. A boat is pulled up on the beach. It looks familiar. I get in and look around, shrug my shoulders, and get out. Must be someone's visiting Milly. I'll let them be, and continue down along the water's edge.

The River is lapping gently, drizzling between the round stones. The stones rattle and wobble under me, so I have to move along slowly. The air is cool enough that snakes won't be active yet. They love sunning themselves on stones like these. I'm crab-crawling as much as I'm walking because I keep losing my balance. Crab crawling works fine. I'll go along like this for a while. It's so funny to be walking on my back. I'll try walking on my hands and knees instead for a while. No, my knees are too tender. Back to crab crawling. I'm having a hard time laughing in this position. Dee-dope dee-dope. Dee-dope dee-dope.

Oh! Some people are sitting on the ground. They're eating or something. Maybe playing cards or checkers. It looks like people who I know, but I can't place who. I'll stand up and walk over to them. There now. I'm up. Steady. A few steps. And I fall.
Sounds fade out, and then in for a bit, and a bunch of people are jabbering all at once. I'm flat on my back. My body is gently bobbing around. I'm rocking back and forth to sleep while sirens drift away in the distance.

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