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Discover EVERYTHING you need to Become a profitable Property Investor! More Info at

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In order to EARN and INVEST more, you first need to LEARN more. If you plan to start your property investment this year but don't know How/Where to start from, Join us at Property Intensive to find out more :

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Infographic: How Mark Zuckerberg Started???

How Mark Zuckerberg really started is not how the movie The Social Network showed it.     Mark Zuckerberg meets a computer His father, although not an engineer, was an early computer enthusiast. Running a dental office he had a vision that computers would change the way people communicate. But for the time being he…

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Secondary Market a Good Hunting Ground

The GST also has made sub-sale properties an attractive option as the authorities have made the…

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7 Reasons Most People Should Build Lifestyle Businesses

For the majority of the people with entrepreneurial aspirations, you’re better off starting a lifestyle business than pursuing a startup. Here are 7 reasons why:   You are not Instagram. For every startup that sells and makes millions, there are hundreds –  if not thousands – that fail or, even worse, continue to just barely make…

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Welcome On Board Nanyang Siang Pau

30th June 2015- A press Conference was held for an agreement signing with Nanyang Siang…

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How to Start a Business???

Thinking and planning to start a business? Read this article to find out more!   1. Start with an idea If you’re thinking of starting a business, you first need to come up with a realistic idea you can turn into a product or service. Find local support, including help with developing business ideas…

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PIC 2015 – No Capital, No longer a Problem

Property investment can be a long-term endeavour, such as earning the rental an apartment building,…


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What is Lifestyle Business???

A lifestyle business is a business that is set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle. Some types of enterprise are more accessible than others to the would-be lifestyle business…
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