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Wealth-Lab is a platform for developing and backtesting trading strategies.
Wealth-Lab is a platform for developing and backtesting trading strategies.


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This month we're excited to bring you some new cool features!

First and foremost, meet new static data provider for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: it's called "Cryptocurrency" and is powered by Cryptocompare.

As an example of customer-driven development, two new performance visualizers are created by customer request: "Profit / Bars held" and "Combination Correlations".

The first lets you graphically evaluate how the average profit % relates to the number of bars in trades. The latter helps discover how correlated are the Combo child strategies in a Combination Strategy and pick the ones that are negatively correlated to avoid locking capital and to increase robustness.
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Every month we make various improvements to the Wealth-Lab Extensions to make your user experience better: ​

1. Google provider: fixed intraday data broken by a URI change at Google

2. YCharts: fixed broken fundamental and economic data updates for subscribers and restored Excel API, renamed some items changed at YCharts and added Estimated EPS / EBIDTA / Revenue by customer request

3. ​Yahoo provider: fixed "un-representable" error on Update All Data (on very rare​ occasions​)​

4. Community Indicators: minor tweaks ​to DyMoI, KVO and KendallTauRankCorrelation, fixed incorrect readings of UpDownVolume

5. Community ​Components: fixed EarningsDate.GetNext (broken by website change) and also improved its data quality

6. TASCIndicators 2017.11: Weekly&Daily MACD from December 2017 issue of S&C. Accompanying article code can be downloaded straight from Wealth-Lab's "Open Strategy" dialog.
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Dear Wealth-Lab user,

Automatic data corrections should be familiar to Wealth-Lab customers who use Fidelity or Yahoo daily data. Now, support for data corrections is added to more providers: Nasdaq, Stooq, QuoteMedia, Morningstar, and Google. When one of these data feeds corrects data on their end, it will be reflected when you update the next day. Existing data correction procedure in the Finam provider should no longer overwrite user's edits.

Stooq provider users that mainly request the data for U.S. stock symbols may find convenient a new option in "New DataSet Wizard": auto-apply .US suffix. In addition, we fixed a side effect of provider's latest change (in v2017.09) that caused unnecessary data requests to stack up.

By customer request, Payoff ratio has been added to MS123 Scorecards and Performance+. If you're a user of MS123 PosSizers, here's a heads-up: the logic of "Winning & Losing Streaks" is updated for consistent backtests and realistic Alerting.

Finally, check out "Swing trading four-day breakouts" in the Wiki - it accompanies eponymous article by Kent Calhoun in Stocks & Commodities November issue.
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Dear reader,

We're pleased to inform you about the recent developments in our Wealth-Lab Extensions:

1. With updated Community Components, Wealth-Lab customers can use Google Trends data again. Also, added GetMode function and fixed IPO Data not returning historical IPOs after 2015
2. CandlePattern Rules library has been enhanced with two candlestick patterns to support the article "A Candlestick Strategy With Soldiers And Crows" by D'Ambrosio and Star in S&C October 2017 issue. Strike Ctrl-O to open the Strategies dialog in WL6 and choose "Download..." to get this strategy and more.

It would be surprising if we were to overlook our favorite: the data.

1. It's recommended to update ASCII provider to fix broken "ASCII Cache" feature
2. Wealth-Data: for user's convenience, the provider automatically checks entered username and password and suggests visiting the Wealth-Data website if they're incorrect
3. In MS123 Fundamental/News providers, we fixed StreetInsider and MarketBeat providers which stopped delivering data due to URL changes on their websites
4. Another URL change prevented the Stooq provider from downloading data for indices. Also, we fixed a potential issue with long history data downloads on low-speed connections
5. Yahoo, Database, Quandl and YCharts providers: their stability is increased after fixing a startup crash that may be experienced in a rare case the provider's configuration file gets broken (e.g. if your PC shuts down abnormally)
6. Finally, a cosmetic fix to Google provider: it should more clearly indicate how many bars were added during data update
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Dear reader,

Thank you for choosing Wealth-Lab. Here's a quick summary of changes made this July:

As usual, some improvements were made to improve the data experience. First and foremost, during this Summer, Yahoo! changed the order of columns in their data back and forth, breaking one data provider version and then another. To avoid having this sort of trouble, in the latest update we're adding automatic detection of the order of columns.

As Quandl gets support of many vendors, grows the choice of data items. As they are so diverse, there isn't a common convention on the data format and the various sources of data have to be treated manually to support. To help this, since this update the Quandl provider will automatically recognize any data having just 2 fields as Close-only data. To finish with data, our ASCII provider now correctly sorts symbol names on network drives and supports latest Market Manager.

On a closing note, two more extensions were updated: Community Components with some changes to AutoStops and TASCIndicators to introduce "Reverse EMA" indicator from September 2017 issue of Stocks & Commodities.
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Dear reader,

As data is the blood that runs through the veins of your trading strategy, there's no surprise we're focused on improving your data experience:

Yahoo Finance has made breaking changes on their website again to which our data provider has been adjusted. We have noticed improvements to the way they're handling some historic split/dividend adjustments now. Please update the provider extension to keep it working.

New Tiingo static and fundamental provider delivers historical data for 37,000 U.S. stocks and ETFs. Like Yahoo!, it comes with a history of splits and dividends which can be applied on-the-fly and its data doesn't require refresh after a split or dividend. This feed may serve as a good backup plan should there be some issue with Y! Finance.

By now you think we're finished with data? Think again. A new addition to MS123 Fundamental/News providers is "StockPup" provider which returns 20 years of quality fundamental items for stocks in S&P 100 and beyond. Yahoo Analyst Ratings provider has made a comeback - now with even more upgrade/downgrade data: up to 20 years.

On a closing note, minor tweaks and features include:

1. Quandl: support for ECRI index data by customer request
2. IQFeed: automatically capitalizes typed symbol names in New DataSet Wizard
3. Community Indicators: added BressertDSS oscillator by customer request
4. Neuro-Lab: new option "Autostop on next Error Rate Low" option and fix for compile errors not shown
5. MS123 PosSizers: changed behavior of "Use T+3" to auto-switch to "T+2" for trades taken since Sept 5. 2017
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As many users have noticed, Yahoo data downloads stopped working on May 12 due to depreciation of old API. We've worked hard to bring the Yahoo provider back and are proud to announce that it's been fully restored. Update the data provider extension now and restart Wealth-Lab.

As usual, the Wealth-Lab team has just released monthly extension updates that bring new features. Per customer request, our Quandl provider now supports AAII sentiment data. Since Yahoo's data for analyst upgrades/downgrades has become very scarce, respective fundamental provider has been decommissioned and replaced with MarketBeat provider in MS123 Fundamental/News library.

Another update is mandatory: WealthSignals authors should upgrade the WealthSignals Publisher as its previous versions will stop working soon. The WSP comes with new features (and fixes): "Flatten Alerts" combines multiple alerts into one order and "Duplicate signal check" warns on trying to post duplicate orders inadvertently.

Finally, a new trading strategy called "Trading the Nikkei" comes along the article by Markos Katsanos in July 2017 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine. To find out about this approach to intermarket trading, just click "Download..." in Wealth-Lab's "Open Strategy" dialog. Its companion 'RegressionDivergence' indicator is already part of TASCIndicators library - update it to v2017.06 in Wealth-Lab's Extension Manager.
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This time, Community Components library has been updated to deliver the actual data on upcoming splits (fixed breaking changes) and to fix an issue with AutoStops (mandatory update for its users). Next, to reflect an unplanned change made by a free data vendor our Russian customers are strongly advised to upgrade their Finam data provider to v2017.05.
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From time to time, we all look to try something different in our trading. Here's a couple of trading ideas just published, one seasoned and one new: a trading strategy by Tushar Chande called "Trend - Antitrend System" and a method by Domenico D'Errico from June 2017 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine. The latter can give an insight about the possible dynamics of a futures trading session - ahead of it. To obtain them, simply click "Download..." in Wealth-Lab's "Open Strategy" dialog.
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