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New version of Waze (3.2.2) available for iPhone 

-Fixes bug in rerouting after driving off route
-Now supports Pioneer AppRadio
-Fixes in Gas Price Updates
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Great app for geocaching. Is there also a new version for older Symbian devices available?
...this is NOT a great app for geocaching. It really really isn't. It's a great app for commuting
Ups, your right. I were thinking of ViewRanger when I wrote the comment.
Anyway. I also use Waze daily on my way to work. It saves me a lot of time for the ride. Is there a new version also for Symbian devices out?
Hope you open up for gas-pricing all over and not only in the US :-(
Waze still has the error of keeping the HOME location on your learned pattern, so despite me entering a new HOME location it still automatically directs me in the evening to the old one (for weeks now). Not sure you're aware of this error.

Secondly, once you report a police sighting (I think other hazards as well) it doesn't take driving direction into account. So I'm warned on my own posting of hazard and even as I'm driving away from it (so distance increases).

Would love to see both errors solved.
+Andreas Rauchhaus  Unfortunately we no longer develop for Symbian
+Gisle Bjorøy You can add gas stations to our map editor once we have around 90% in your country we'll make the option available there
+Andreas West  We'll need to manually reset that. If you head to, type something in the nanorep box and then email an agent we'll be happy to help
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