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Having a proper shipping charge formula for the sales site has been a vexing problem since Day 1.

In the early days, in building our database, I neglected to fill-in item weights. That oversight haunted me for years; the chore of back-filling thousands of item weights into the database was more work than I ever wanted to tackle.

Without item weights, the best way I could formulate shipping was per item, based on an average “1-lb book”. While this worked out well for most orders, many items fall outside this average. There is quite a bit of difference between a Traveller “Little Black Book” and a 7-lb wargame.

Amazon recently changed the way it handles shipping for third party media items, dropping the old $3.99 flat, every item, charge in favor of seller-customizable matrix.

Prompted by this, I imported Amazon’s item weights into my database. That took about 30 minutes. However, I’ve spent the last 3 days running subsets, looking for outliers and errors in Amazon’s numbers (which are frequent), and correcting hundreds of database entries.

Now most errors are non-issues. If a book has a recorded weight of 5 ounces, and actually weighs 8, that’s close enough for our use. It will make little difference in shipping charges. But many were zero, or way off, and I corrected those in our database.

One error was so bad, I submitted an error ticket with Amazon Seller Support, and got it fixed on their site. They had Dungeon Magazine #97 at 12 pounds (It’s actually about 14 ounces).

What all this is leading to, is that Weight-based shipping is now live on our sales site. Details here:
Of course, orders over $50 still ship free in the USA.

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+Jesse Davis has been sending me D&D postcards in response to an offhand comment I made a while back about postcards being obsolete. He already converted me from that line of thinking, and I look at postcards much differently now. ...And then today I receive a veritable treasure trove from him. Superhero postcards, Star Wars postcards, Fantasy art postcards, pop art stationery, colored pens and pencils, Star Trek, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter stamps.
Sir, I am truly touched, and will absolutely be using them. I will keep them together in the box you sent. Thank you.

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Beautiful. Seller says he's selling it w/o the frame. Hopefully, the mats are included, because they really look nice with the piece.

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Mike Mearls on 5e Spelljammer: I have to admit that if we do anything with Spelljammer, we'd have to account for how we treated stars in 4e.
I love the idea of stars as entities, and some of them being... not so nice.

I hadn't heard of this. I like the idea of stars as Cthulhu-like beings. It'd be great to see Spelljammer back in print.

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Today, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Griffin Mountain (Runequest, 1981) that arrived in the shop is the licensed UK edition by Game Workshop. I was unaware this version existed.

I first noticed the quality difference before anything else. Many (most, really) of the GM books I encounter have cracked bindings, with pages either threatening to come loose, or are already loose. Chaosium's printer used a low-quality glue that hasn't stood up well to time.

In contrast, this Games Workshop edition is firmly bound. The paper quality seems better as well, semi-glossy.

As far as I can tell, the content is a page-for-page duplicate of the Chaosium printing.

The GW map is smaller (15½" x 23¼", vs. 20" x 30" US map), and likewise of a glossier paper stock.


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Monster Mythology (Rules Supplement for AD&D 2nd edition)
Question for those of you that own it or are familiar with it:
Were all of them published with the shoddy offset pageblocks?
I had a customer return one due to the issue. All of the Monster Mythology books I've seen have the problem... I believe. Just wondering if there was only a single, flawed print run. Or if better copies exist.

One of these days, Wayne's going to run out of extra cardboard and wrapping in his shop since he uses so much to protect his shipments.
-Amazon buyer feedback from today
...Actually, that's been an issue, no joke. We go through heaps of used cardboard in the process of padding and supporting shipments.
Cutting up the packaging from incoming shipments, and normal household cardboard used to be sufficient. Nowdays, we have the call out to local family and friends to save their clean cardboard for us. My wife, the shipper, has her shipping area organized (mostly!) by cardboard size and shape for efficiency.

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This party "runs a lot"

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5 days remaining We're running this through Nov. 15th.
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