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Wayne Tams
Geeking out and continuing the Family
Geeking out and continuing the Family

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Hide the tick box of QCheckbox
I was looking for a way to hide the tick box after it had been ticked. The checkbox was an item in a QListWidgetItem. I found that this did the job. item->setData(Qt::CheckStateRole, QVariant());

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Nice to see +Chicane  making a most welcomed return!

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Love this song. A H&M shopping foot tapping beat.

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I'm using a custom theme in Gmail on the Web and I think you'll like it too! Check it out on your desktop or laptop. #gmailthemes

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Can this apply to 4.8?

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This may be a bit tricky with 4.8
Your Qt/C++ App in the Mac App Store

Apple wants you to use XCode to create apps for Mac, but you don't have to.  Recently I posted about the launch of my new app in the Mac App Store.

I got a lot of interest from folks about what you need to do to get a Qt app - written using portable C++ and not using XCode - into the App Store.

Some commentators have said it can't be done.  Well it can, and I've written a post with some guidelines on how to do it.


+Qt Project 

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