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Sharing the Generation Blacks In Tech +Google+ circle with over 370 Blacks/Brown/African Americans & then some.

Cause more than a few times I have been asked about where are the blacks in some of these large google+ shared circles that have been floating around like the who to follow (ex. a ycombinator circle & more). Also today +Margie Hearron and +Rod Moore were having a conversation about the same topic.

So here you go. Looking for diversity on google+ or just some brown faces. Add to your circles and share.

This should at least get shared by the people who's in the circle all 300+ of you.

If you want to be added just leave a comment.

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Thanks, Wayne.
I've added this to my circles as well.
there's no white ppl.
Thanks for the invitation. I am honored to be a part of this circle. I know there will be many opportunities for professional growth.
It's truly an honor to be among the many in this circle Wayne, thanks a lot.
I definitely want to be a part of this; thanks!
+Wayne Sutton thanks a lot for making me a part of this cool circle.. i am honoured
Hello love the group could you add me to the circle
Thanks for Sharing, I would like to be included.
Thanks for sharing the love!
Thanks for keeping the connections going. I would love to be added.
I appreciate being a part of this list. Thanks Wayne.
See, this is going to up the ante in the "multicultural" side of my Stream. Seriously. ;-)
I would love to be added: Mohamed Berete - Developer
Thanks for sharing. I'd like to be a part of this.
This is history in the making!!
Wayne, thanks so much for including me in this Google + circle and sharing it with your connections. As a result, I've enjoyed the privilege of connecting with many new people. Again, thanks and congrats on your continued and growing success!
Wayne, thanks for including me. I'm honored. Good to connect with new people. Here's to continued growth and networking for us all.
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