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Apparently the near limitless fountain of information that is on the internet is lost on the people that use it the most.  I weep for the future.
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Probably many of them are sarcastically piling onto the thread.

For example (stop me if you've seen this):

Some idiots who typed "facebook" into their browser's URI bar thought that the blog post that they reached was a broken "new Facebook" that they couldn't figure out how to use, and complained loudly in the comments (which they somehow figured out how to use).

But then internet wiseacres and lulz-seekers descended on the comments section.  The resulting mix of the sarcastic and the clueless is hilarious.

Anyway, I guess the moral is that it's better to laugh than cry.  Either that, or stockpile ammo.
I'm leaning more and more toward the stockpiling ammo option. We're gonna get licensed and join the shooting range... I can't wait to start critiquing weapons choices and errors in entertainment media!!
Badass!  Sharon wants to learn to shoot, too.
Handy for alien invasion, zombie apocalypse or just plain ol' humans causing the end of the world as we know it.
Give a man an ammo stockpile and he'll survive for a day; teach a man handloading, and he'll be on security watchlists for the rest of his life.
Lol, even funnier because I got zero hits when I googled it... did you coin that?
For superior accuracy and impact, my quips are handloads. (Dear global security apparatus, I speak metaphorically! Oh crap)
And here I am, nonresident alien in the USA, only one link away from you on the social graph.  Fantastic.  Do try to tone it down a bit, would you?
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