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TV lost 8.5 percent of its audience in 2011. This could be the beginning of rapid decline for TV.
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how will peoples minds be controlled if they are not paying attention to  the mass media?
This is the beginning of the end
John Bump
Aren't watching televisions, or aren't watching television shows on hulu/netflix/youtube?
I don't have any TV or interest in watching it.
And this since a couple of years... I got my YouTube channels, what else do I need ?
I remember zapping from channels to channels to find 1 interesting thing, and when I found one it was almost finished... People still do that ?
I'm with the 17%, no tv and never had one. Not interested and I really, really hate to watch commercials, yakkes.
The tv in some format will never die. That's why most lounges are arranged around it
Television is something that may loose its popularity but can never die
Its an addiction which is not relight now but it will come out later on
Which will never let it die
Im in the UK, I no longer have a televison. I dont see the point in paying a TV licence to be force fed the godawful reality shows and advertising. I just use Netflix and Lovefilm. These are the channels of the future.
I think like +J.D. Holland that it will adapt itself with internet, become more interactive and give the contents that we like and choose, a bit like YouTube already does, but this time in continue.
I want to look at an animal documentary I just ask my TV to show me one instead of changing 100 channels.
It has no choice otherwise it will die !
And for advertisers it's better I think cause if I'm looking at a 100% pure geek channel I don't care about the baby dippers ! but more interesting advertisements like the GS3 !
The actual content of the tv channels isn't upto much these days, it felt like there was more variety when we only had three channels.  But I think TV is really still in its infancy, it's probably not long before we start having hologram projection, so coronation street will be like you are sitting in the rovers return, or a nature programme as if you were on the african plains
I stopped watching tv because of the lack of quality storyline and acting. Sex might look good, but it only makes people depressed when after its over they realise they're not getting any.
If watching tv is now a problem some other of entertainment can be found other sex dont be addicted to it cause it might create problem for u
For me it's pretty simple, subscription fees are not worth the price. 60 euro a month for one service that is insufficient when compared to what the internet has to offer.
I prefer the internet over the TV. I think I have more control over the information. (At least, I hope so). And futhermore, there is a way to not see any commercial :)
I don't watch much. Nothing very creative out there.
Way too much "Reality" going on and on and on. 
What's killing tv is atrocious programming. People are forced to find alternatives if they want to actually be entertained. Least Common Denominator shows will get you the Least Common Denominator audience.
..and they laughed at the guy who called it the "Idiot Box", years ago.
+David Sulewski why do people like you needs to bring their imaginary friends in every conversations ?
Here we are talking with people that got education.
+dale orr  I 100% agree. 99% of TV is terrible. I think users are getting tired of the same old "Reality", Law & order type of shows. You have seen one or two of these and you have seen them all. I'd rather sit and stare at the wall than watch most of this garbage.
Crap reality and "talent" shows are killing TV.  Not to mention the the 10 minutes of obnoxious commercials for every 30 minutes of programming.
I get my news,weather &sports from twitter. So when I do see the news it is hours if not a day late. It is funny to hear the local tv station come on with Breaking News that's two hours old. Lol!
Walt, or yesterdays News on TV.
Don't think i would be watching tv if this girl was in the same room
Maybe it's because of all the commercials every five minutes  CBS news 5 to 5:30 pm 23 commercials From 5:30 to 6 pm 21 commercials  6 to 6:30 PM  21 commercials  for a total in one and one half hours 65 commercials 
When I "watch" tv it is on Hulus Plus on one of my devises or another. 
I TiVo everything that I watch. contrary to what anti-TiVo advertisers want to believe, I do watch commercials... the good ones.
Another vague Nielsen study. They're comparing "video content" across all platforms. So, a 30sec youtube clip is worth the same as a hour long tv show?
But +Dan O'Brien, how would we get the daily Obama propaganda feed?  The media is spoon feeding us his accomplishments.
We have 5 tv's in our house, and my 8 year old son is curled up in a chair in the the toy room watching anything he wants on youtube..( anything safe I mean, mostly mario and nintendo stuff ) for hours on is an option to him..
I just started a schedule that has me in class during prime time every night.  Went through a tiny bit of withdrawal.  I can pick & choose what to catch up on with Hulu I guess.
Smart TV's will just do what you actually want them to do, rather than showing silly commercials you can fire up YouTube and see whatever you want to see!!!!
Just keep a Youtube option for the tv and the problem would be solved ;)
Finally TV is going back to its proper status.
I am definitely part of the statistic.
5 TV, Seems therapy would be indicated here!!!
And this is where an Android powered TV where all the channels are apps is born....
My tv only gets used for movies (DVDs) once a week. I can't even recall the last tv show I watched.

I'll take the radio, or a book, for my daily entertainment, thanks. 
yes and amen to that maybe people are starting to wake up !!
Picking and choosing on the net is the way to go, especially television programs that may be viewed later. I'm not going without TV because of emergency rapid weather changes in my area. Weather web sites are often delayed.  
+Ty Rosenow Tv is consumed at 9 to 12 feet away... This is consumed at 12 Inches... The intimacy factor is what will kill them...

+Wayne Radinsky do you have more articles about this you can put on this Link please? I've been asked to Teach on the subject for and I would love to quote some of these posts...
Unfortunately, most are trading one idiot box for another. Check out comments on YouTube for proof.
For me watching network television causes a visceral and irrationally angry reaction (especially the commercials.) To promote household harmony I wear sound suppressing earmuffs or find something else to do out of sight/sound of the television.
I love that this comes out right after Ari Emanuel said that TV was actually GROWING at D10. Would be even better if it came out the day before and he got called out at D10 but I'll take what I can get. 
aLl though it also allows those of us that have very few in out sad lifes to have a way of deaLING WITH THIS EXISTENCE 
Well, I haven't cut cable and I still watch TV. I just don't really watch any network tv, especially not on prime time. Fox has my attention Sunday nights and if ABC's lucky I'll remember that modern family is on, but generally I'd say that there really aren't many shows that are worth my attention. More so now with the deluge of reality tv shows, game shows and competitions replacing scripted television. That or obvious franchise shows like Glee.
Well most of the broadcast and network programming is crap and so commercial laden it is a waste of time to sit through it all.  Cable channels offer better programming but not by much.  Still commercial riddled, it continues to be a waste of time.

I so much prefer a good book or spending time listing/reading/watching streams on G+.  More informative and much more entertaining and multi-directional!
I'll give it 15 to 20 more years.
Traditional television and radio broadcasting will become extinct.
The internet will dominate all communications. It is of higher quality, cheaper, and can reach more audiences better than any traditional form has ever done.
I wonder if the total audience is shrinking or if DVR/Streaming is simply replacing it?
Its because of all the stupid commercials we have to sit thru
I am one of them........ All those boring show and repeat telecast annoys me!
ABC, NBC and CBS is killing TV.
Yeah maybe if they had better shows on TV instead of Jersey Shore and crappy shows like that, people may watch it.  I'm more of a animation fan myself and even those channels have gone far downhill.  It's sad really that the most creative idea for a show now and days consists of pregnant 16 year old's and muscle men going to bars and parties. 
I have a TV tuner card in my PC. I fire it up for news and the occasional weather update if there's a storm.

I DVR any TV shows I want to watch and view them when I have time.
more than the shows....
THE ADVERTISEMENTS!it annoys everyone
if the show is for half an hour
the advertisement will be 15 minutes
The only reason I still have Fios is so I can have access to live sports without going to a bar or stealing it through an illegal website.

My TV viewing is down to Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, and a few of the short summer series (Alphas, AMC shows) and those are all on DVR/Hulu type of options where I watch when I want to only.
"Internet killed the television star" I sense an 80's song coming on.
I still watch it for news and sports. I dont have cable but anything of national interest is on the air.
Could it be the never ending hikes in cable TV prices and the usual complaint "100 channels and there's nothing on". Broadcast HD TV and internet is the way to go.
Internet Killed Television! ;) CTFxC
haven't watched anything on my TV for 4 months 
so now its time to make a song "Internet Killed The T.V. star." :)
if anybody watch indian private news channels then you'll definitely throw the tv set out of your house. they only know how to show crap for 24x7 non-stop.
I disagree with those who are saying Internet killed Television, though it certainly didn't help.

On Star Trek the Original series - each episode runs between  50 minutes and 52 minutes.  Star Trek Enterprise runs between 43 minutes and none make it to 44.  There are no current Star Trek shows, or many American Sci Fi shows on broadcast networks at all for that matter, but Supernatural clocks in between 41 and 42:30 minutes.

It's not that people are choosing to watch less TV, it's that TV is choosing to give us less programming in an hour.
TV news is hopeless and mostly they cover the same 3 stories for 24 hours repeatedly and usually those stories are a day old. I cancelled my TV subscription years ago after trying to explain to the provider's complaints line that they are showing TV episodes out of sequence.
Long story short: Get ur lazy butts off the couch and learn something new. You might be suprised!
I can tell you from a Interactive Media and web design student that a lot of my college course I am taking, are projected towards mobile, tablets, and other outlets of media other than TV. By 2014, there will be more mobile phones/tablets in homes than there will be PC's.
I feel the TV industry has hit it's hiatus. 3D televisions will be a thing of the past in no time. Technology is moving too rampid for tv to keep up with. TV makers are going to have to jump on the holographic imaging and online streaming tv like Apple or Google that is going on. Some already are, some aren't. I can remember when you had to go to a Blockbuster's Video to rent a movie for 6 bucks. Now, it's a touch of a button for $1.99 to rent that movie. There are too many other options out there for Entertainment than a TV! 
TV is already dead for me. We Hulu about 2 hours of TV a week and that's it. There is so much crap on it right now.
+David Monroe I think you hit it right on the head it seems like there are more commercials every year....that's why I have pretty much gone to Netflix and Hulu because I can watch a show even with "Limited Commercials" and have more time to myself. Instead of watching a tv show on cable and having 20 minutes of commercials for a "1 hour" show it's a joke. I feel as though the older shows provided us with better programming, now tv is giving us interesting shows but have cut out 10 minutes as you have pointed out.
I've had a job since I was 12, I'm 34 now.  Watching TV started to be a struggle for me when I was a senior and got my first "normal" job at a video store.  Since then between work and school, or work and having a life otherwise I haven't had a whole lot of time for TV.  When I actually have decided I liked a show, like Farscape, Terminator the Sarah Conner Chronicles, First Wave, Caprica or Dollhouse it got killed with little warning before its time.

I haven't had any kind of paid TV service since Hurricane Ike destroyed my last satellite, which I really didn't use that much anyways -totally not getting my money's worth out of it.

I realized I should stop trying to watch TV.  Turns out being lazy and getting into a TV show actually takes effort.  I watch some the Fox cartoons on Hulu and I watch South Park on the official website.  Beyond that I don't care.  I have an old tube TV, converter box, no satellite, and only a few free cable channels because it came with the Internet access.  My parents use it to watch the news when they visit, I almost never turn it on unless it's to check the NASA channel (I work there and I'm curious about how things I worked on during the week are panning out on my days off).

TV sucks.  Giving it up gave me more time to focus on my hobby - bicycles.  I built a new one from all new or new old stock parts last year and I'm constantly working on one of my four or someone else's.  Somehow I feel more fulfilled doing that.
Of course, my tv nights weren't the same without the Simpson's, they got cancelled Monday through Friday and I lost interest in watching
People often refer to T. V. as the idiot box but I've noticed that the same candor is not used for the person watching the box.
And now that Desperate Housewives is also over, people are missing that too.
I stopped watching TV 2 years ago..but me being living at host families or by myself as a student might also be one more reason for that. I sit on internet almost entire of my free time.
I don't even own a TV anymore. 
I have to agree with Patrick. because of crumby reality TV, it turns people away from it. Where are those good old programs that kept people's interest? I hardly watch anymore because there are none of them left.
It was funny when I cancelled my cable subscription a year or two ago, the rep asked me why I was doing it, and I said, "Well, I don't really watch TV anymore." And he said, "I understand, the economy is tough these days."

Believe whatever you want to believe, buddy.
I agree there are way to many reality TV shows on
I combined by computer and television years ago. I was wondering when people would start to catch on to the fact that paying for cable was a waste of money.
I believe it we cut the cord about 2 years ago. I helped my mother do the same. Who wants to pay $130 a month for commercial filled garbage. Just stream/download what you want to from the internet. Cable/satellite TV doesn't make sense you pay TWICE monetarily and by watching the commercials. Not only that but they tell you when you can watch something. That's not acceptable anymore.
The only T.V show I still watch is +South Park. I spend most my time  listening/watching podcasts now. 
Mark Ng
I lol at cable providers clinging to their old ways of selling you channel packages and other crap you don't need. This news is not surprising at all when you consider that its harder to buy TV shows or channels a la cartel than it is to torrent.
bbc news, top gear, and the fresh prince...that's all i've watched for the last 5 years
New Nielsen data suggests that the Neilsen data gathering techniques are horrible and inaccurate. 
Re Mi
Nielsen needs to evolve!!

They have outdated methods!!
Web videos will soon come to the fore. But I think it will be a subscription based model. Quite unlike hulu or netflix.
Internet killed the Moviestar... a little reference to a song done a while ago... :)
T.V. ls not bringing in the money.Bye t.v.

That's probably because everyone is glued to tablets, phones, facebook or just data in general
I know I don't watch much TV at all anymore. When I do it's to watch my favorite currently running shows, and there's only like 4 of those. When they're off-season, I'm watching Netflix.
TV has to evolve. GTV shows the general direction. It has to become personal on demand service. More like YouTube. I have not had a cable for 2 years now and very happy with GTV and the Roku.
No way!!!, I dont agree... TV will be here forever...
My house no longer even has the capability of watching TV.  I hope the NFL catches on quickly because I still enjoy football, but there is no other reason to have TV capability.
People need their vitamin d . That's why there has been an explosion of preventable diseases and carcinogens in the world. Vitamin D helps in multiple functions of the cell in our bodies. So die TV! die!.
inter-net- killed- the -t.v -star la la la la la
I hope it is... tv is crap!
Well, Comcast tries hard to shoot themselves in the foot constantly... It's only about time they fail and someone with a better vision of the multi-media future will take their place.
The repeat timings are always odd so I always end up watching all my favourite shows online and even when something is on, someone else has occupied the tv so I go for the alternative!
New, I also get from the internet.
I don't know when I should watch TV :) I use it as a monitor for DVD and game.
Could it have something to do with almost everything being a reality show? I don't care to watch a bunch of greasy morons from NJ act stupid, or some twat wives of basketball players I've never heard of yell at each other. I don't care about anything those fat hairy Kardashians do, unless in involves them dying in a fiery plane crash. Take note, programmers.
Riiiight.... Unless you count watching TV online, in which case, there's no decline at all
I havent watched TV since the HD switch.
Television is something that can never loose it's importance
Today it may have lost 8.5% importance but remember the time when it had 9.9% importance in an average humans life

It can never loose it importance
It is a passion to some and addiction to some
It may have shaded away but will come back with a bang .....
+ALJAZEERA + & all of TV is on the way out they've lied to us, controlled us and with SOPA wanted to imprison us and CENSOR us* watch this video for an incredible graphic (minute 2:11 - 2:26) that graphic was done by flipping AlJazeera Logo ONLY... no Slight of hand god bless syria
+J.D. Holland & +Joshua Demallistre Not sure the reference to a TROLL as I am the founder of and I predict the demise of BroadcastTV, my post was along that thinking. I do apologize for the slow response as we are traveling and web access is spotty....
I predicted in a BLOG Post at that TV will be gone in 3 to 10 years and plenty of writing since supports that view... including this post By +Wayne Radinsky so I welcome an intelligent discussion even if you think I was off topic... right?
hehe... I am here for you if you need me buddy. Let's keep sharing and commenting. It is our job to tell everyone as long as it is still LEGAL... hehe
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