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The DelFly robot dragonfly is the lightest fully autonomous robot ever made. It weighs about 20 grams, about the same as 4 sheets of A4 paper. It can fly all by itself. They just plug in the battery, it takes off, it flies around, it avoids obstacles, keeps its height and can explore unknown environments. The main innovation is a very lightweight and small stereo vision system, which weighs 4 grams, has 2 cameras, and a small embedded computer. They've developed extremely efficient software that processes images from the camera and determines distances to obstacles in the environment. It goes sufficiently fast to work on board in real time, so the DelFly can avoid obstacles.
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And the rain as well...
And the guy with the Badminton racket ;)
Yeah the guy with the Badminton racket is the most dangerous. In none securized place it won't make a day haha.
Needs some improvements to make it fast to avoid everything that tries to hit it.
All you have to do is fly a little higher. And it is only the first prototype. It is going to get smaller and lighter. Wait until the NSA get wind of this. The mind boggles.
The nazi god would be proud and he said NO and hurry up.
We're gonna need this to fight off the crazy ants. Robo-bug vs loco bugs!
Expectacular,es una realidad,los felicito ,sinseramente
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