"Demis Hassabis, a genius who raced through school and had to defer his place on a computer science course at the University of Cambridge because he was too young, said that some of his darkest hours were at his video game company, admitting that it's probably the closest he's ever come to burnout."

"One of Elixir's most ambitious games, Republic: The Revolution, tasked a player with creating an ex-Soviet republic and overthrowing a dictator. Hassabis wanted the game to be able to render a whole country in 3D on a normal PC in the late 90s, something that had never been done before."

"'We bit off too much,' said Hassabis in the interview, before going on to explain that he simultaneously tried to build his first company, create new graphics engines and new AI engines, and make an artistic statement, all at a relatively young age."
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