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Work outdoors?
Ever lamented having to answer a work call on a night out, or regretted checking your email just after leaving work to find that your co-worker needs you to come back? For better or worse, mobile tech...
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Nice. We always wanted to have class outside--why not work, too?
because it's frigging cold in the winter?

The question might more aptly be stated as "why aren't we all living in nice temperate year round climates. "

The "office" in that pic might work in some places, for some folks, but you can't put a lot of them in a city block, not compared to the tall skyscrapers they replace. Low density office areas like that would be pretty expensive in most cities. Plus, when you got to work in the morning, all the computers would have been stolen and seagulls would be crapping on the table here in Seattle.

Seriously? they are asking why we work indoors? Please tell me this wasn't a study funded by a govt grant...
+Jim Richardson where is the mosquito / wasp netting , and the earplugs for the traffic noise? We all don't have a spare central park around.
In WA State it would get flooded or everyone would sue because they had frostbite.
The cover looks metal--we could electrify it and use it as a bug zapper. Mosquito problem solved.

We could turn the voltage up very high and make it a heater. Frostbite problem solved!
The stationery line item for paperweights alone would make this prohibitively expensive.
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