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General layabout.

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Months ago I got a copy of the two Death Note movies on Bluray, but the first movie was damaged. I now received a replacement copy and again the first movie disc is damaged. I'm wondering if anyone else has a problem with their blu ray copies. And if people think I should just use the DVD copy that comes with it. 

Just thinking about getting a new iPad. Should I wait for the ram to hit 2 GBs or get an iPad Air now?
At the moment my poor Ipad2 is suffering, broken 3G, and the screen can freeze in an instant. 

Kickstarter. This seems to be bringing in some good indie games for the Wii U, but I can't help but feel Wii U owners have to do more to get games than owners of other consoles, by pitching in.

That said anyone sponsoring a game from it? Shadow of the Eternals seems to have the most potential.
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