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"Working towards a more humane nation."
"Working towards a more humane nation."

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The Obama Administration is trying to stop a form of aerial hunting of grizzly bears and the denning of wolf pups on national preserves and national wildlife refuges in Alaska – about 100 million acres of land.

Alaska’s lone Congressman, a commercial trapper named Don Young, is defending these grossly inhumane and unsporting activities and trying to get the full House of Representatives to join him to stop the Administration’s humane-minded plan in its tracks.

Please call your U.S. Representative at 202-225-3121 and urge him or her to “oppose the Young amendment to the Interior appropriations bill.” Time is urgent so please make sure to call today.

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Breaking News: Florida commissioners this week quashed bear hunting plans for 2016, sparing roughly 400 bears in the Sunshine State.

It caps a strong week for wildlife, with Rhode Island passing legislation to ban bullhooks and the sale of shark fins, the Georgia Aquarium relenting on plans to capture wild belugas and dolphins, and New York rejecting an expansion of trapping. A new federal bill to ban the sale of shark fins throughout the U.S. was introduced yesterday, signaling the potential for yet more progress ahead. See the details on today’s blog.

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Breaking News: President Barack Obama has signed into law a measure to upgrade the Toxic Substances Control Act, and it contains a detailed provision to require the use of new, cutting-edge alternatives to animal testing and make the use of animals a last resort.

I was privileged to be at the signing at The White House with my colleagues Sara Amundson for this major moment in the animal protection movement. It’s the first time a federal statute has included a mandate to minimize animal testing. See details on today’s blog.

#ToxicSubstancesControlAct   #Legislation   #AnimalTesting  

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Breaking News: A new HSUS undercover investigation has revealed systemic cruelty to hens at New England’s biggest egg factory – run by the notorious Hillandale corporation, which we exposed not long ago in a separate investigation in Pennsylvania.

The Maine facility is owned by Jack DeCoster, who is featured in my book The Humane Economy, and who has long been a pariah even within the egg industry. In 2010, DeCoster was the focus of the biggest egg-related food safety incident in history. Hillandale sells eggs from these abhorrent facilities throughout New England, including Massachusetts, and this footage should be an eye-opener for citizens of the state who will vote this November on whether it should be legal to sell eggs from factories that cram animals into tiny cages and crates. See the details, and our footage, on today’s blog.

#Hens   #BreakingNews   #UndercoverInvestigation  

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Breaking News: The U.S. today announced a new federal rule to all but ban the commercial trade in ivory to and from the United States and across state lines, closing out a policy that had been years in the works and that came as a result of the massive loss of elephants to poachers across the range in Africa.

The NRA and its allies in Congress tried to block the final rulemaking, but HSUS, the Administration, and other parties aligned on this issue fought off that effort. China is expected to replicate this policy, providing a new, restrictive legal framework in the two nations that have long been the biggest consumers of ivory products. More details on this historic announcement on today’s blog.

#legislation   #AfricanElephant   #IvoryTrade  

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Yesterday’s feature in The New York Times on Humane Society International’s multi-pronged campaign to end dog meat farming in South Korea was a wake-up call to the world about this horrifying industry, with 17,000 active operations in the only country where dogs are specifically raised for meat.

In addition to working with farmers, we are bringing pressure on the government to end the dog meat trade, with the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang providing an opportunity to call global attention to the practice. We are there, and also in 50 other countries around the world, sniffing out the worst forms of abuse and fighting these practices on so many fronts. In today’s blog, learn about some of our global efforts to combat animal cruelty.

#dogmeattrade   #SouthKorea   #Pyeongchang2018  

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There’s an effort in Congress to derail an overdue and sensible revision of the “organic” standards for rearing farm animals.

Agribusiness interests were required to do very little for the benefit of animals to earn the “organic” label (getting a premium price, in the process, from consumers precisely because of this designation), but now the U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to make the standard mean something in the real world. Unfortunately, some farm state lawmakers are fighting against it, and trying to short-circuit a public process of federal rulemaking. Please contact your two U.S. Senators and urge them to allow USDA to do its work and upgrade the meaning of “organic.” Read more on today's blog:

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As I travel across the nation on my tour for The Humane Economy, I am highlighting key campaigns of ours throughout the nation (e.g., ballot measures on farm animals in Mass. and wildlife trafficking in Oregon) while driving new big ideas about animal protection.

Embracing animal protection is not about sacrifice, or doing without. It’s about opportunity – moral opportunities for us as individuals and economic opportunities for businesses that embrace animal protection. See the details on today’s blog, and go to to join me at an event and become part of the discussion

#humaneeconomy   #animalprotection   #humaneeconomybooktour  

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This weekend marks the final performances for Ringling’s elephants, bringing an end to a long and pivotal chapter in the fight for better treatment of animals in entertainment.

The elephants’ retirement is a “Berlin Wall moment” in the history of our society’s tolerance for wild animal acts, and we’ve seen in recent months a succession of similar announcements by companies in the industry ending many of their most objectionable animal-use practices. Read more about this historic event, and about its implications, on today’s blog.

#RinglingBrothers   #Elephants   #WildlifeProtection  

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Both Georgia and Alaska are poised to adopt “cost of care” bills that require animal abusers charged with a crime to pay for feeding and housing of animals while a trial proceeds, or to relinquish the animals to animal protection organizations or to state authorities. 

As I write in The Humane Economy, our movement gets stuck with the bill as these and other people have their way with animals and then discard them at their convenience. Cost-of-care legislation is a partial answer to the problem, but there’s so much more to be done.

#animalabuse   #animalcruelty   #legislation  
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