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As August ended, a new Donald Trump emerged. Coached by his third campaign management team, he stayed on message, read from a teleprompter, and focused on policy. It lasted about a month.
After he lied on Sept. 16 that he was not the person responsible for the birtherism campaign to delegitimize Barack Obama’s presidency, POLITICO chose to spend a week fact-checking Trump. We fact-checked Hillary Clinton over the same time too.

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POLITICO fact-checked both candidates for a week. This is what we found.

Wayne Leng

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Enquirer: It has to be Hillary Cllinton
Donald Trump would further divide our great nation. Democrat Hillary Clinton is The Enquirer's choice for president.

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#whoppers  by #Trump  

A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump

All politicians bend the truth to fit their purposes, including Hillary Clinton. But Donald J. Trump has unleashed a blizzard of falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies in the general election, peppering his speeches, interviews and Twitter posts with untruths so frequent that they can seem flighty or random — even compulsive.


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For anyone who is unsure of voting procedures in their state, here's a YouTube channel that breaks it all down. Please share so that everyone knows how to vote, and their voting rights can be preserved.
Democracy only works when we vote. But voter laws are different in every state in America, so the process for registering to vote, checking your registration...
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Of course the police are endorsing #Trump have a dog in the fight. The story was false. They are working hard building the #PoliceState and they need a Trump presidency for that. If we think murders of unarmed blacks is so rampant now, just wait until Trump becomes president. We haven't seen anything yet.
Although the Fraternal Order of Police's executive director did chide Donald Trump, the union did not retract their endorsement of the GOP candidate.

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When someone says, "something's going on" do you immediately think there is, and resent people asking too many questions about it, as you ...

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Neil de Grasse Tyson on #death   #BeliefSystems  
I am currently working in the automotive field and have been involved with missing persons since April 1998
I'm employed in the Auto Industry in Southern California, my birthplace. I grew up in Kamloops, BC, Canada and have worked in broadcasting for a number of years before pursuing a career in the Automotive Trade which eventually took me to Vancouver, BC where I lived for many years before coming back to my hometown in San Bernardino.
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San Bernardino, California
Kamloops, British Columbia - Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver, British Columbia, Los Angeles, CA - Calgary, Alberta
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When someone says, "something's going on" do you immediately think there is, and resent people asking too many questions about it, as you ..

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