Why we game:

I started gaming around 1979 in 8th grade. I had a bunch of "friends" that were playing in a lunchtime campaign, and I got them to let me in on it. It lasted one session, or about 10 minutes. Obviously they used the gamer equivalent of bullying, to hand my brand new 1st level character a scroll, which I read, and it teleported me miles into the air where I dropped to my death.

You'd think this would have dissuaded me from playing any more, but luckily for me, another friend who was already playing invited me and another kid to play. It was a much better, more enjoyable experience.

To me, it's been an outlet for my imagination, meeting new people, and having loads of fun. Since I've been playing, I've met some of my best friends, actually got into the business of writing, and it has helped me become more outgoing.

Gaming helped me have a built in friend base since I've moved to Madison, +Sean P Kelley and +Brett B, and quite a few others, like +Eric Farmer, and +Forrest Aguirre, and +Scott Alvarado. I love gaming, and can't see me not ever playing something.

Congratulations on Episode 100 guys! Thanks for all the hours of total BS.
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