Looks interesting, what do you think?
Still of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger
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Definitely intriguing, but yeah, I need to see more.
It'd be nice if Tonto was played by an Algonquian (getting all specific and demanding a Potawatomi might be a little over-the-top) instead of a white guy whose great-grandmother was native american but his family didn't care enough to remember which nation.
I think the biggest issue I see is that Tanto will upstage the Lone Ranger. Which is fine if they are doing a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' style of Lone Ranger or a Pink Panther style movie where the Lone Ranger is the patsy and it's Tanto that was the true star.

But if they are wanting to make this a more heroic movie where the Lone Ranger is the lead character and the main hero I think casting Depp could be a poor choice.
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