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Confirmed, the best place to attack now is from the center of a portal. Not standing on top of the resonators. This way you won't do 1% damage anymore.
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Good to know - wondered why I was having difficulty. 
Found this out today.  I've got a portal in my sights, but it's no good.  It's in the middle of an intersection!  Might have to submit it to NIA for correction...
One question, are the resonators that you did most damage were in front of you? For me it seams that we do more damage to the point that we are looking at when we deploy xmp
Hm, I tried to destroy my first portal yesterday (failed; had too few XMP), but I definitely made almost all damage on the two resonators I was standing close to, and pretty much none at all on those further away. And while it kept saying "1%" on all resonators I hit, they were taking much more than 1%, and a different amount for each resonator.
I was in a parking lot (safely out of the way of traffic, heh).  I nailed the two closest resonators for decent numbers.  Four others took glancing damage.  Two more I missed completely. :-/
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My wife was also able to easily take out a portal by standing at it's center, doing about 25% damage using level 4 busters.
+Beth Reed I noticed this as well as I passed a local electronics store. Although I wasn't sure if it was the GPS or that the phones were running Android.
When you are standing in the center, does the distance of the resonator take into account?

I mean we usually spread out all the resonators.

But with this new xmp, we must put the resonators as close as to the portal. Don't you think? 
I think the distance still plays a factor. The portal my wife took out easily when she stood in the center had all the resonators close together.
But how about the power of the xmp itself? Has it been reduced?

Let say we are standing in the center and hit decently. Did you use more xmp than you used to before the change?

I keep reading that the xmp power has been reduced. 
I don't think Xmp burster power has been reduced, just people were attacking wrong. My wife was easily doing 25% damage using level 4 bursters when she stood in the right place, the center. The portal I think had level 2 resonators.
Thanks for the test and the report. I will test this out myself later. It's still 4AM here in Europe ;) 
Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing! Going to try this on a L1 with L1 xmp bursters :-P
So should we still be deploying resonators at the edges, or better to cluster them now, or does it matter?
I think still putting them as far as possible is best. My wife easily took out a portal that had all the resonators very close together. She was doing 25% damage a hit.
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