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Wayne Eddy
I want to help build a high tech post-scarcity civilization.
I want to help build a high tech post-scarcity civilization.


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Saw this presentation live too. Even got quick question in at about 33:40 !!

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I saw this presentation live and found it to be very interesting. I'm going to have to read up on negentropy!

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Hi all,

This year on the 3rd of November Council staff from all around Australia and New Zealand are being invited to participate in the first ever Local Government Collaboration Day.

The day will consist of a range of online events and activities. These will be sponsored/hosted/run/suggested by participants and other interested parties.

The goal of the day is to supercharge local government collaboration by encouraging all groups and individuals that are currently engaged in any form of inter-council collaboration to share their ideas, thoughts, collaboration methods and success stories with others outside their normal sharing circle to cross fertilise the local government collaboration ecosystem with new and better ways of doing things.

The 2017 Future of Local Government Manifesto , drafted by the attendees of the MAV Future of Local Government Summit specifically urges Councils to:
• Establish collaborative regional and national networks mechanisms to share experience with other councils and communities,
• Commit to collaboration with other councils, State and Federal governments, business and civil society as an essential way of working.

Local Government Collaboration Day aims to do exactly that.

The day’s other objectives include, but aren’t limited to the following:

• Trying out a range of collaboration platforms
• Identifying shared challenges
• Sharing ideas for improving local government
• Sharing knowledge about a wide range of Council functions and services
• Building new collaboration networks
• Creating new special interest groups, and encouraging people to join existing groups
• Informing others about existing collaboration projects

More information is available via the links below.

(For those of you who I have already added to the attendance list, I thought automating the process a bit might be a good idea.)

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Not many Australian Local Government people here on G+ to the best of my knowledge, but there are I'm sure a lot of people here who are interested in collaboration, and I'd be interested to hear their thought on the value of something I'm trying to make happen, and that is trying to convince my peers at Councils across Australia to participate in "Local Government Collaboration Day" on 3 November 2017.

Local Government staff do infact collaborate with each other in a multitude of different ways, including through:

- Face to Face Meetings
- Telephone Conversations
- Internet Forums
- Emails & Mailing Lists
- Social Networks
- Wikis
- Special Interest Groups

Having a range of collaboration and communication channels is really great as it allows people to collaborate in a way that suits them, but it also means that there is a risk of potential communities of interest being fragmented around each different collaboration platform.

Local Government Collaboration Day is about connecting all of these existing collaboration networks and building new ones, in an endeavour to supercharge collaboration across the sector.

The possibilities of inter-council collaboration are endless, but to get things started I am trying to anchor the day around the following:

- Trying out a range of collaboration platforms;
- Identifying shared challenges;
- Sharing ideas for improving local government;
- Sharing knowledge about a wide range of Council functions and services;
- Building new collaboration networks;
- Creating new special interest groups, and encouraging people to join existing groups;
- Informing others about existing collaboration projects.

If you are reading this and you do work for an Australian Council, you are free to participate in any way that suits you, whether it be by yourself from your desk or in a meeting room packed with like minded souls feeding off each other's enthusiasm.

If you would like to become involved there is more information about the day if you click on the link below.

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I think being able to generate energy close to where it is required is very important. I hope these guys are sucessful in getting this tech in wide spread use.
This Mini Wind Turbine Can Power Your Home in a Gentle Breeze

Inspirobot is awesome!! A great antidote to all those "inspiring" quotes you see everywhere.

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This won't mean much to non-Australians, but if you have a couple of years to spare you can now basically rewatch every episode of Rage from 1998 onwards.

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The photos near the finish line aren't too flattering, but they do give a fair indication of how my legs were feeling at the time!

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Ran my first official half-marathon yesterday. I managed to finish in 1:46:15 and was placed 1,417th in a field over 10,000.

I ran the distance a couple of times in June, but my long run has mostly been about 14km or 15 km since then.

I guess unsurprisingly given that training regime, I found the first two-thirds of the race relatively easy, but I struggled a fair bit towards the end, particularly the last 2km.

Good news is that despite a very slow last 2km, I bettered my June practice time by about 5 minutes - It is amazing how running amongst a crowd of other runners spurs you on when you have only been running by yourself.

I can hardly walk today my calves are so sore, but I'm already looking forward to my next crack at a race.

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Six Tims.
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