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Wayan Vota
Using ICT to make a better world
Using ICT to make a better world

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We are still having Drones for Development on Wednesday morning, however you've said you can't make it in due to Snowmageddon 2014. So as a special surprise, we will broadcast this as a Google Hangout. Look for the URL in the morning.

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Admit it, you are tired of the status quo. You find much of the current efforts in philanthropy, aid, foreign assistance, public-private partnerships and all the other categories as hollow and self-serving (except, of course, the projects you're working on!). 

You know first hand the hypocrisy of capitalist titans donating pittances and claiming a clean conscience, believing that they know what is best for the poor in other places. And on a daily basis you see what the 1% wrought on those less fortunate - in this country and around the world.

You'd love to be shown a different way. A real change in the status quo of capitalism and philanthropy that can lead to a real, long-term reduction in poverty and increase in quality of life for everyone on this small blue ball we call home.

You are not alone. As +Peter Buffett showed us all in his New York Times OpEd and we discovered in Wayan Vota's Open Letter, there is a great desire to have a new operating system for philanthropy and a more holistic focus on equality in everything we do.

So please RSVP to join a unique Google Hangout with +Katherine Clements, +Carla Funk, +Ravi Karkara, +Jessica Neuwirth , Heather Peeler, and +Wayan Vota, moderated by +Lindsay Poirier that will dive deep into three related questions we are all wrestling with:

1. Who are the true philanthropists - those who love their fellow (wo)man so much they are willing to try something, anything, to find new was we can work together for a better tomorrow? How can we help them transform philanthropy into an edgy, risk-taking movement that pushes the boundary in changing lives for the better?

2. How can we change our systems so that businesses build, rather than destroy this planet and its people? Incentivize government to be a strong, positive force for equity between all people? And lead philanthropy into a new way of interacting with business, government, and those it aims to benefit?

3. What are the concrete actions we can take to connect cutting-edge philanthropists, in the most inclusive sense of that word, with the opportunities for growth and change that will increase the positive impacts we all wish to see in the world? 

We will explore these questions and more in an open, interactive debate broadcast live on Google+.

After a short opening by each panelist, Lindsay will use questions you submit via Twitter using the #NewPhilanthropy hashtag quiz the panelists and drive the conversation forward towards collective action.

Please RSVP now to join us on August 20th.

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My open letter to +Peter Buffett on the need for more moon shots - from everyone in philanthropy, including his NoVo Foundation - to change the way business, government, and philanthropy work at making the world a better place.

Please comment on it directly or add your thoughts in the comments below. 

Update: With all the interest this conversation has generated, I'm organizing a Google Hangout On Air on August 20th to discuss these themes more. Please note your interest via this form to participate:

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What ICT for education activities are happening in Rwanda? Here is the master list of organizations, research papers, and blog posts. Bonus: its editable - so add yours today!

#edutech   #ict4e   #ict4edu   #rwanda   #educationtechnology  
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