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Canberra's reliable plumbing, drainage and gasfitting service
Canberra's reliable plumbing, drainage and gasfitting service

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Why do we sometimes use a CCTV camera when inspecting blocked drains?

Sometimes, customer's ask this question and they have full right to do so, who would want to have an extra charge on the bill especially when it's just as easy as putting an eel down there.

Below are some of the reasons why it's sometimes necessary to use a CCTV camera:

1. Possible collapsed, crushed or badly damaged pipe

If there is a collapsed, crushed or badly damaged pipe the larger cutter may not be able to proceed past this point or may jam uncontrollably. If this is the case the affected section of pipework needs to be dug up and replaced.

2. Regular blockages and heavy tree root infestation

Once tree roots are in your sewer line, whether you’re clearing them with a jet rodder or electric eel those tree roots will continue to grow and get stronger and thicker causing further damage to your pipework. The frequency of blockages will increase and the time taken to clear the blockages will also increase.

If the plumber hits multiple full or partial blockages they may recommend a CCTV inspection so that a permanent solution can be found.

3. Maintenance Plans

Lets face it, no one wants over flowing sewage in their backyard, the germs it brings or the hassle of having to organise a plumber to come out last minute when you frankly had better things to do that day.

By inspecting your drain with a drain camera we can prepare a full maintenance plan for your drain so that the line is guaranteed not to block.

To read the full article go to our website:

You can also read our other articles there which can really enlighten you about other plumbing concerns.

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Landlords - Need a quality depreciation schedule for your rental property? Get a free quote easily, online here

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Depreciation schedules - how much do they cost? How to compare cheap and quality schedules...

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As professional plumbers, we understand that it's not just putting an eel or using a jetter in a blocked drain and the blockage instantly goes away. There are certain cases where you require expertise and years of knowledge to locate where the block is coming from and how to clear it properly so that it doesn't happen again. As the case in this site.

We noticed that the initial use of the jetter isn't unblocking the drain where it should have. So, we used highly specialized equipment to locate where the blockage is. After knowing where to specifically target the blockage, in just a couple of minutes. Lo and behold all the mud and leaves coming out!!!

Customer was shocked at the amount stuck in the pipes and was left satisfied, knowing this reoccuring problem of theirs won't be happening again!!!

If you have any reoccuring issues with a blocked drain. You can book one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced plumbers to solve that problem for you. Just go to and get 10% off on the service call fee.

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One of the jobs that our plumber, Michael, attended, and a brief explanation of what was done:

"When we service taps, we start by removing taps and filter on the spout. After taps are removed we reseat the breach in 'till there is a smooth brass for the washer to sit on. After this we clean the spindles with the reaming tool which will make the taps easier to turn on and off. We then change the washers and put our high performance washers in and tap grease. We then reinstall the taps, making sure they are clean after installation. Then, we run the water to flush out the remaining brass out.Finally we clean up and make sure you are happy with the job."

Book in one of our professional and friendly plumbers by going to:

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Water Tight Canberra are the reliable Canberra plumbing company for you. Whether your managing the project yourself or using a builder we will work with your team collaboratively and do everything we can to make your project come in on time, on budget and with as little fuss as possible.

We only use high quality products with great warranty’s giving you peace of mind that what you’re installing in your walls or underground is going to last until the next time you decide to renovate.

For more information about other services we offer go to:

Can you smell gas where you shouldn’t?

- Are your appliances not running as efficiently as they use to?
- Is it time for an update of your gas appliances?
- Has it been more than 2 years since you had your heater serviced?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, use our book a job online button below and have one of our experienced Canberra gasfitters come to your house.

Our licensed Gasfitters can:

- Test for and Locate gas leaks
- Service and Repair Gas Appliances
- Replace Gas Appliances
- Supply and install new Gas Appliances
- Are licensed in LPG, Natural Gas and Electrical disconnect/reconnect

Book online to save 10% off the service call fee and a licensed Canberra Gasfitter will be with you soon.
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