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Steps to Choosing the Perfect Custom Fountain For You
Finding the right fountain for your home or office can be a challenge. These five steps, however will help you more easily find the one for you.

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Why Spas Should Have an Indoor Fountain

Spas are places of relaxation and elegance. They alter their environment to make it as stress-free as possible. The elegant appearance and calming trickling of a fountain enhances the spa environment:

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LED colored bubble walls can add fun, excitement, serenity, and renewal to a space.

Check out some of the colors Water Gallery offers and the mood and feelings associated with each:

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A unique indoor floor fountain not only enhances a room, but they also create a calming atmosphere and are in themselves works of art. Read more on our newest blog post!

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Read our newest blog for helpful tips on choosing the best bubble wall fountains for your home!

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Best Commercial Water Features for the Indoors

An indoor commercial water feature adds professionalism to your business office. Here are some of the best fountains as well as what things to consider beforehand:

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Check out this dynamic bubble wall we recently completed. It's a 6' x 6' beauty with color changing LEDs and a custom natural copper frame.

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Caring For Your Outdoor Fountain

An Outdoor Water Feature can do wonders for your yard or garden, tying everything together and adding a new element of style and relaxation. Maintaining and caring for your fountain is relatively simple, but should be kept up on if you want your feature to offer the most it can to your space. check out our latest blog for tips on maintaining your outdoor water feature. 

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What Should I Consider When Purchasing A Water Fountain?

Once you decide you want a water feature for your home, there are several more considerations to take into account. Things like size, type of fountain, and the amount of upkeep you want to devote to your fountain all play in to which fountain is the right one for you. Check out this blog for a breakdown  of these variables and get the best fountain for your home!

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Unfamiliar Types of Tabletop Water Fountain

There are all sorts of different water fountains that can be used in any home. While there are typical styles, such as garden fountains or floor standing fountains, sometimes your space requires something special. Check out our latest blog and learn about some tabletop fountain types that might just be perfect for you.

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