I realize that this post does not exactly fit the purpose of this community. Please allow me a brief statement.

The moderators and crew of this community provide an invaluable service for all. Day or night, they offer the best they have to improve our day and night.

I wish to express my gratitude for their selfless contributions. It is extremely difficult to be a moderator and effect a positive impact with such an enormous community.

I tip my hat in respect and appreciation to these individuals who serve anyone and everyone who asks.

I have learned about Google Plus here. But most importantly, I have learned about community dynamics that reach far beyond this community. I learned that I have, we have, so many friends and acquaintances here.

This is made possible through effective leadership and setting examples by these same Moderators.

I hope you have also learned of the community of global friends as an amazing and wonderful side-effect of interactions here.
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