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Global YouTube solutions for content owners in movies, television, sports and entertainment. We protect, control and monetize your content on YouTube.
At WatanNetwork, our mission is to let content owners and production companies work professionally and prosper, without having to worry about licensing, distribution, monetization or protection.
We are a YouTube certified company, and all our team members are YouTube certified as well. We understand how the content owners and creators have to constantly stay in a dispute to secure their products in licensed hands. Therefore, we started this firm to assist such production companies & individuals so as to make their YouTube experience smooth and easy! 
Our team has had years of experience with metadata, social media marketing, legal services and media which enables us to develop efficient YouTube strategies and gives us the confidence to successfully execute these strategies for your channel/company on YouTube. Our efficient team helps the content owners in optimizing, monetizing and protecting their YouTube content while taking care of the copyrights to increase the engagement and consumption of their content as well as their channel on YouTube. 
A large and heterogeneous collection of music, movies, television, sports and entertainment is brought together on a premium network built by WatanNetwork. As a part of our services to you, we also capitalize on the number of views for your content & channel. We provide you with everything under one roof- controlling your content, protecting the copyrights, and monetizing your content. Our full focus is driven towards increasing the income of content owners across YouTube worldwide network.
You’ll be surprised to know that we have also implemented a unique technology that finds, claims and monetizes the licensed videos for content owners as and when they get uploaded to YouTube. This would definitely increase the consumption manifold. You may also hire us to have your YouTube channel designed and your videos optimized. 
Utilize YouTube to the most with our claim & distribution opportunities which will surely make you land in a complete win-win situation! To get in touch with us, call us at +1 (862) 267-4731 or e-mail at You may also fill in the form on our website if you want us to contact you.
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