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Pest Control Bristol - A Revolution in Pest Control
Pest Control Bristol - A Revolution in Pest Control


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British Wasps - The Guide

Britain is home to nine species of paper wasp or ten if you count the newly arrived Asian hornet. We have created a guide to help you understand in a little more detail the marvel of these amazing stinging insects we love to hate!

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Disease Risks From Pests

Have you ever wondered if you are at risk from the pests in your home or place of work? This article helps you understand the fundamentals of infection control so you will have a better understanding of the risks.

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How Rats Enter Kitchens

Getting rid of rats in kitchens can be extremely stressful because they know there is food available. The very best way to get rats into your traps is to remove all other sources of food available to them.

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Why Are Blow Flies Your Friend?

Blow flies are large metallic flies that are attracted the smell of dead animal carcasses, like those of dead rats and other mammals.

The great thing about blowflies is their ability to eliminate smells fast! But how?

Most dead animals begin to decay after just a few days and quickly start to bloat with gas produced inside the festering corpse.

These putrid gasses are a green light to passing blowflies that this is the perfect place to lay eggs and provide the developing maggots with a good supply of food.

The maggots rapidly engulf the carcass and as they do this, there is less and less stinking meat left to smell.

In short - the faster the fly larvae do their job the faster the smell declines. In mid-summer, smells can decline to almost nothing in around a week, but in winter it can take a month or more!

So love your blowflies.

Learn more about Blowflies here:
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Big Meat Flies In Your House?

Blow flies or meat flies as they are commonly called in Bristol are a sign that something has died in your home. Birds, rodents and any other animal that dies will quickly attract blowflies and the larvae!

The blow fly larvae quickly devour carcasses and in turn this process eliminates the foul odour of rotting animal flesh. The smell of a dead animal can sometimes last for months, so it makes sense to get it treated quickly.

If you have problems with these flies, please realise that these flies are natures early warning sirens, because wherever they are, death, quite literally, isnt far behind them.

You can learn more about blow flies here:

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Tree Bumble Bees - Are They Dangerous?

Tree bumblebees are for the most part, quite harmless, because they nest at height, beneath loft insulation.

What's unique about tree bumble bees is their ability to bud or divide. What I mean to say is that many colonies return to the old nest year after year, making many of these nests enormous!

It's also not uncommon to discover three or more bumble bee colonies in the same attic space. These super nests can be five or more years old and be the size of a bin lid.

These colonies also contain upwards of a thousand insects, making them extremely dangerous if disturbed in the confined space of an attic, loft or crawl space.

You can learn more about our bumble bee control services at:

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Why Do Wasps Nest In Sheds

Wasps love to nest in sheds because these small garden building heat up quickly in spring sunshine and offer the perfect place for queen wasps to build a nest.

Many Queen wasps overwinter in sheds and discover in early spring, as they come out of hibernation that this winter home is the perfect place to develop a new colony.

If you don't want wasps in your shed, then it is probably a good idea to check your shed in April or May and destroy any wasps nests while they are small and easily tackled with a can of fly spray.

Be warned though - once a wasps nest gets bigger than an orange it will contain hundreds of wasps that will not be happy to see you and should beable to get to you before you can get to them with a wasp nest spray.

Time to call the experts - Oh yes!

Learn more about wasps in the UK here:

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Why Do Rat Holes Suddenly Appear?

When rats seem to appear out of nowhere and you discover a random hole outside your home, it's usually time to get in professional pest control right away.

But Wait! You need to understand where the rats have come from. Rats don't just suddenly appear, they more commonly dig their way to the surface from drain collapses. That's right - drains, and repairs are usually very expensive.

A Pro tip here is to get your drains inspected as a matter of urgency. Many drain faults are covered under your buildings insurance.

For more information, why not get in touch - we cover the Bristol area of the UK and are always delighted to help local customers solve rat problems without the need for poison.

Learn more about us at

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Starting A Pest Control Business

Pest control is a very easy job to do, but not an easy job to do well. The reason for this is simple - if you don't understand the pests you are trying to control, you have a much smaller chance of successfully controlling them.

Having a passion for the animals you are being employed to control gives you a distinct advantage. At school the other kids thought I was weird because I liked bugs and as a professional pest controller my customers think i'm awesome because I like bugs and I can solve their problems faster because of that love of bugs.

Passion is said to be the Genesis to Genius (Tony Robbins), and if that's true, then a passion for wildlife will give you a technical advantage over competitors right from the start.

Discover more about the pests I treat each day at
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