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Get Rid Of Ants Problems In Your Home Today - WaspKill UK #ants #bristol #pestcontrol

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Pest Control Jobs?

Pest control is a career that most people would run from for fear of the what creatures they might be called to and where they might need to crawl to find them!

The truth is that in pest control you need to be curious about the subject and have a natural inclination towards problem solving or detective work.

If you like wildlife, enjoy surprises and get bored easily, pest control might be the perfect career for you. Every day brings different challenges.

Discover more about pest control in this pest control article.
+Simon Berenyi  #pestcontrol   #bristol   #jobs  

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How Long Do Bedbugs Live?

We often talk about bedbugs, but a very common question we get asked is "how long can bed bugs live for?".

Here we take a quick look at the answers behind this popular question.

+Simon Berenyi  #bedbugs   #pestcontrol   #bristol  

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Wasps Are Back!

Over the last few days we have seen bumper numbers of queen wasps around. Let's wait and see if this means a very busy summer. +WaspKill UK Pest Control

#wasps #bristol #pestcontrol

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The Early Thorn

Another moth we discovered on the wall of a property in Bristol. +WaspKill UK Pest Control


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Another Beautiful Morning

Good morning from +WaspKill UK Pest Control
#bristol #morning #pestcontrol

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Mining Bees And Lawn Bees

Mining bees and lawn bees are one in the same. These common bees are a nuisance where large concentrations of bees establish themselves in gardens. Learn more:
+WaspKill UK Pest Control
#bees #miningbees #bristol

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Albino Sewer Rats!

We recently helped a customer who discovered she had an albino rat in the sewer!

#rats #sewer #albino

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Don't get Eaten Alive By Bedbugs

Bristol bed bug control treatments and solutions. #bedbugs #bristol #pestcontrol. 

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Bristol Wasp Control

#wasps #bristol
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