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Wasim Muklashy

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another step closer to giving everyone, not just those of us privileged enough to be in developed nations, access to information. can't wait to see their invaluable contributions on the art of survival to the world's information database.

#future = #information #innovation #tech #freedom #democratization #connection #ai #singularity #internet #science #design #engineering 
One balloon hovered in the Peruvian stratosphere for 98 days.
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Wasim Muklashy

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"Vast areas of land are covered in parked cars. When self-driving vehicles become commonplace, we might devote that dead space to something useful instead..."

#future = #automation #efficiency #sustainability #tech #innovation #cars #ai #selfdrivingcars
Vast areas of land are covered in parked cars. When self-driving vehicles become commonplace, we might devote that dead space to something useful instead
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Wasim Muklashy

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Volvo celebrated the first anniversary of the Gothenburg’s electric bus service - ElectriCity, which was launched in June 2015.
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Wasim Muklashy

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Kindred is using Quantum Computing AI-driven robotics so that one human worker can do the work of four. Kindred has many of the top quantum computing and deep learning artificial intelligence experts in Canada on its team. CE...
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+ 1.d
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Wasim Muklashy

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Young people will learn how technology can be harnessed to help billions of people at Find Your Billion workshops.
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Nice thought
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Wasim Muklashy

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On the south side of Chicago, the world's largest rooftop farm grows hyperlocal produce for restaurants and retailers all year long.
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Wasim Muklashy

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In architecture, perhaps the most remarkable change heralded by the 20th was the radical rethinking of housing provision which it brought, driven by...
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Wasim Muklashy

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Australian engineer Marc Pivac has developed Hadrian, a fully automated robotic bricklayer that has the potential of building 150 homes a year.
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Wasim Muklashy

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A bipartisan bill was passed by the U.S. Senate committee that oversees NASA space projects. The bill would allocate $19.5 billion in funds to NASA in 2017, but it has a critical mission for the space agency: send men to Mars.
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Mars One Mission or different? 
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Wasim Muklashy

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Tech entrepreneur Peter Diamandis thinks that nanotech will interface with human minds to radically extend our lives.
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Wasim Muklashy

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wow its very nice, it can help the people in time of water scarcity..
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In my words:

I used to make images. Then I went to college, made images, and played records. I graduated from college, started working for a record label.

Then record labels went kaput. 

Then I wrote for magazines, mostly music and music production magazines and I started and published an internationally distributed music, arts and politics newsstand magazine.

Then the print industry went kaput. 

I then spent half a decade making videos for Mattel, Gap, Armani, Warner Brothers. That had to stop. Edit caves are dark. I like sun. I moved into the hills, started editing a wellness magazine, and helped open an organic cafe in Santa Barbara. 

Then the economy went kaput. And the cafe, and the magazine, and my mind, with it. 

So I started volunteering at the State Parks. 

And I started making images again. 

Life is funny like that.

Full bio at

Full resume at

In someone else's words:

“Wasim is a media professional well-versed in everything from print publications to motion pictures and video production. He began his career writing for various Primedia and Conde Nast publications before founding Kotori Magazine, a progressive lifestyle national newsstand print publication that featured everyone from the Wu Tang Clan and Hunter S. Thompson’s resident Artist Ralph Steadman to influential political and philanthropic personalities including Ralph Nader, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, The Sierra Club’s founder Carl Pope, and

His attentive eye for detail and keen editorial sense led him to spend several years as a Senior Editor and Creative Director, producing and editing award-winning marketing and commercial videos and corporate media packages for Fortune 500 companies including Gap, Mattel, and Warner Brothers, featuring everyone from Heidi Klum and Tiger Woods, to Common, Beyonce, Megan Fox, and The Maine.

In addition to working as a photographer for and his property and real estate photography company, Pro Property Photos, Wasim is currently creating photography and video assets for VectorMount for GoProAirbnbWhoHasItApp.comCitizine.TvDrift101, the World Forestry Center, and the PTTOW influencer marketing summit, an annual event bringing together global power players from Quincy Jones to the Dalai Lama to the executives behind X-Prize, Red Bull, and VICE Media. He is also one of 50 official Samsung Camera Imageloggers, making him a brand ambassador for one of today’s most innovative lines of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera systems, and is the creator and lead of popular social media platform Ello's official Outside Community, ElloOutside.

Muklashy was also a co-founder of an organic cafe in Santa Barbara, California, and has done media work for The Annenberg Foundation, USC’s Marshall Schools Of Business’ Social Innovation program, and award-winning producer and TEDx presenter Frank Fitzpatrick’s Earthtones foundation, dedicated to ‘transforming the human spirit through the power of music and film,’ including an interactive digital publication designed for the arts and music curriculum for the nation’s schools.

Wasim devotes much of his time to various humanitarian and environmental causes, currently serving as a volunteer docent in the California State Park System, where he has self-tasked himself to develop original multimedia assets to help bring more attention to our underfunded protected public spaces. He spends whatever time he has left documenting the state’s surrounding parks and landscapes through photography.

Wasim currently resides in Topanga Canyon, California.”

For more:

For more of his work and images, to keep up with him through his blog, and to purchase canvas prints and art prints, please visit

You can also find him on Instagram (, Google Plus (, Ello (, Twitter (, and Facebook (

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I got to kick it with the Wu-Tang Clan for a week. Damn son!
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