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Washington Post hung out with 10 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Washington Post, Emi Kolawole, Jonathan Grinblat, Aaron Stehura, Priscilla Vega, Scott McCloskey, steve atjetplab, martin atjetplab, tracy atjetplab, and Marc Kaufman
Curiosity Crew Hangout
Washington Post and 10 others participated
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+Washington Post Hey can someone ask these guys or the EDL guys if they can release the Google Mars KMZ file that was shown today for the EDL entry path (including the banking reversals)? 
"This video is not available" 


Why doesn't Curiosity (or any other probe besides Viking) repeats some of the Viking experiments searching for actual microbial life, given that these experiments were deemed inconclusive at the time
What programming language was EDL written in?
The raw images site has gone down. Is that a traffic issue?
As a software engineer, it boggles my mind how talented yours must be in order to produce something as complicated as the EDL stage, and it WORKED! Go you, I'm so inspired to get better at my trade now.
I had to use an American proxy. Is this seriously geo-locked? What happened to the open web? :(
There is a symbol all over Curiosity - a sort of circle segmented like a pizza pie with light and dark slices. what is the significance/function of this symbol?
With the other rovers lasting far beyond their mission life, what are the theoretical limits to the life of Curiosity?  What do you think the first failure in the mobility system might be?
How do you make sure you don't have any bugs in the instructions that you send to the rover, given that you only have a couple of hours to plan and write the code for the next day activities?
Any chance of swinging by where the descent vehicle or heat shield landed?  Would the impact stir up enough dirt to be interesting?
Ian, it works here from The Netherlands, Europe
I'm surprised there was no Ground Penetrating Radar system built in to the base of the rover. Was this considered in the design at all?
Is there any chance you guys will release a representative set of sky crane simulations you ran before touchdown, including any test that perhaps didn't go so well?
Thank you so much for answering my question!!! \\^___^//
Bobak, Who are you going to eat lunch with today?
When do you plan on landing a man on Mars?
It's a shame this project is funded with theft of money from people (i.e. taxes). Do you guys see any viable aspects of projects such as Curiosity that the private sector would be willing to fund without being forced to do so? Have you heard of MarsOne project? If so, what do you think about it?
OK, seems to be because of crazy German Performing Right Societies... F***ing crazy.
I have respect for everyone and all the talent on the team. I want to feel bad it always comes back to a Bobak reference...but it's so hard to with the hair and dazzling smile.
So inspired by you all. Can you comment on the extensible BUS built into the Curiosity Rover? What languages should our kids be learning in school today (and tomorrow)?
You should tell people to mute themselves when they aren't speaking
Any shot Curiosity and Opportunity could date at some point? The singles scene must be pretty dry out there....Would NASA ever facilitate a meet-up?
Ask everyone to mute their microphone unless they are talking!!
Thanks for asking my question! Calibration targets for cameras - Very cool :)
What does Bobak like to eat for lunch?
jeans y
During the press conference someone mentioned that the rover has less power/memory and storage than an iPhone, given the size of that kind of technology - why not send something more powerful?  And could sending something more powerful allow you to install all required software ahead of landing?  Four days seems painful :)
How does MSL survive the radiation it gets bathed in?  It sounds like there's a fair amount of radiation out there. 
What's next for +NASA and what can be done to recapture the pride and drive we had back in the 60s?
I heard that NASA decided against equipping a 3D IMAX camera on Curiosity. Where there any particular technical limitations/considerations that axed this from the final product?
I know you gather radiation measurements in route to Mars. What did you learn about the radiation challenges for a long duration manned mission?
Is there anything you guys would do differently if you could start the mission all over again? Congrats and hugs from Budapest, Hungary.
I understand the purpose of the ballasts, but was there any other way of doing this which wouldn't have taken up valuable (and expensive) weight?
How much code reuse is there from past planetary missions for the EDL process?  Was the sky crane code all new code?
I would also like to congratulate everyone, this sort of achievement really shows what we, as a species, can accomplish when we put our minds to it.  This makes me incredibly happy, especially compared to what we normally see in the news.
Is Mars' lack of a whole-planet magnetic field helpful or hurtful when it comes to EDL processes and on-planet navigation? Or is it pretty much inconsequential?
Will schools have a chance to control the rover?
If you had a chance to redo the mission, what would you do different?
+André Machado One thing for sure I'd guess is that there would be an immediate effort to send a new rover to that location with the ability to measure the genetics of that life on Mars in order to compare it to our own. 

Finding life would be one thing, seeing if it's based on the same process as Earth life would be quite another and might have the biggest implications. 
+Stephen Ancliffe Thank you! We're grateful that the NASA JPL team   agreed to do it. Also, we're always open to hangout ideas. So if there's something or someone that you'd really like to see on video, let us know.
Yes, you asked my question!  Thanks.  These Google Hangouts are a really cool format for journalism.  
I hope that another one of these is planned!
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