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BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, says law enforcement official
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Corey’s office had asked where Trayvon’s parents would be each day this week. They arrived Wednesday in Washington for a civil rights conference organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, where they are scheduled to speak. ..

Its a shame Al Sharpton has to take advantage of people.
... i betcha he's hiding out with Casey Anthony ...
This teaches us if you are being attacked just take the ass beating or get killed cause you will be guilty if you protect yourself! It is a sad day today. I hope none of you EVER get cornered.
+Melissa Barnhart no it teaches us that if someone dies after an altercation that america has enough sense to see due process is done and that it goes to court. Just claiming "self defence" does not mean due course can just be ignored.
+Melissa Barnhart Look at it this way - Zimmerman has not been found guilty. He has simply been provided with an opportunity to demonstrate self-defense in a court of law. That's all that many people wanted out of this. If it truly was self-defense, he should be relishing the opportunity to show it.
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