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Is Marco Rubio refreshing and bold, the inspiring face of a new generation — or just a promising young pol getting ahead of himself?
The 43-year-old GOP candidate is used to moving up fast.
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He is whatever Karl Rove decides he is.
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The Islamic State said Thursday that two of its fighters had carried out the attack on a museum here that killed 20 foreign tourists.
Two of the gunmen, who targeted tourists at a museum, were reportedly Tunisians who trained in Libya.
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As abhorrent as its behavior is, what gives cause for greater concern is which country is financing them and it isn't some terrorist organization. In order to establish themselves so rapidly this is only a well armed, well organized country. Those claiming Syria are not very well informed. Embroiled in a civil war they have neither the money nor the weapons to support an Islamic state. Syria is a secular country governed by the Baath Party under Bashar Al Assad an Alawite branch of Shiite Muslims.ISIS is a religious State with a virulent strain of  Islam (practiced almost          exclusively by Saudi Arabia) an  offshoot of Sunni Muslim. When one considers that usama in Laden a Wahabist              Muslim from Saudi Arabia who took responsibility for the infamous terrorist attacks on America in 9/11 one might not be in fault in concluding that it is indeed possible that     Saudi Arabia that is behind ISIS                                                                                                            
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This eclipse is extraordinary because the moon is a so-called “supermoon,” meaning it is at its closest point to Earth. And it all falls on the same day as the spring equinox. This will not happen again until 2034.
This will not happen again until 2034.
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wow “supermoon”
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Tunisia’s president vowed Thursday to expand the country’s “merciless war against terrorism” after gunmen killed 17 foreign tourists and two Tunisians in a daylight attack at Tunisia’s most renowned museum.
Prime Minister Habib Essid said intelligence services had previously flagged one of the gunmen in a daylight attack at a Tunis museum that left 17 foreign tourists and two Tunisians dead.
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+Rayad Khan Agreed, religion is the worst thing to happen to mankind ever!
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At a small motel in Mesa, Ariz., outside of Phoenix, the shooting started mid-morning on Wednesday. 
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Gus, that is not true. Read a paper. I get the idea that you do not care that people were murdered at church. Have mercy on anyone that is shot because of people having a problem with someone's color. I am out of this discussion. 
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This move threatens to continue to split the mainline Protestant denomination.
The mainline denomination approved a move that threatens to continue to split Presbyterians.
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I hate gay marriage. 
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Suicide bombers in Yemen killed possibly more than 100 worshipers and wounded scores of others.
More than 100 feared dead and hundreds more wounded in the attacks as chaos in Yemen worsens.
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They have finally realized that they messed up, Big time.
And their not to happy about it. 

Some bits and pieces of what they said. 

The social democrats leader says, 
We must defend a multicultural society. 

Then her fellow countryman says, 

That's what I find most disturbing, multiculturalism is positive as long as I don't have to live with it myself. 
And the politicians who say  multiculturalism is so amazing,
Where do they live? 

Not in  multicultural areas . 
Our school youths are probably affected the most by your insanity. 

While you politicians ,
and our  “fantastic” media elite hide in nice , rich and homogenously Swedish residential areas. 

You have the guts to force  multiculturalism upon everyone else and DEMAND that they shall accept it.
But you refuse to live in it yourselves , 

your hypocrisy known no bounds. 

And history will judge you harshly. 

End of the bits and pieces. 

I have a question. He mentioned history judging. 

Might that be the next generation ?

Reveal your wisdom and learn from your neighbors mistakes. 

How many politicians in America will be singing their own eulogy ?

click user name for more.

From paradise to nightmare: Sweden's collapse and the declining west
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Seven questions for General David Petraeus.
In his most expansive comments yet on the latest crisis in Iraq and Syria, Petraeus offering his insights on Iraq and the Islamic State.
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Those betrayus jokes, you can't make this stuff up.
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Aside from Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, few foreign leaders so brazenly stand up to Obama and even fewer among longtime allies.
Few foreign leaders have so brazenly stood up to President Obama and the relationship could face its next test this month.
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Repeats Fox? wow all news has a problem .....but the source is the Money Money and driver
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In the modern-era, Scandinavian countries have become known for their sometimes awkward embrace of migrants from the Arab and Muslim world. But the history behind that relationship goes back far further than you might expect.
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Okay short story.. Vikings were All over the world.. The coins used by Vikings was the silver dirham an Arabic coin and is called Viking coins = vikingemønter, they traded with the middle east.. Before they got screwed up stoning women, hanging homosexuals, and killing in Allah's name.. So of course they would have jewelery from there as well 😉😉😉 
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The violent spree appeared to begin with an argument inside a room at the Tri-City Inn, a motel.
The shooting occurred near a school's campus in Mesa.
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+John Kirsopp​​ Why should that matter when more people have died?

How many people have to die before you people realize that hindering an individual's liberties is a foolish attempt to protect their life?
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Cristie Schoen Codd was a finalist on Season 8 of “Food Network Star.”
Cristie Schoen Codd, a Season 8 finalist for "Food Network Star," her husband and her unborn child are dead.
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