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He's a regular on MSNBC... 
Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson called on white people to maintain an
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Show me a picture of a Black person mowing a lawn please.
Why the fuck should humans have to pay humans for, them that came to this land to murder and steal,, I'm pretty sure the blacks did not stay on the ship's till Europe got this government off the ground. Most humans had not a dam thing to do with u ancestors getting on ships in africa.
Talk to the black men who sold the slaves...
This guy has been drinking the KOOL AID, TOO LONG. 
The Post-Obama era will soon arrive. The first signs of panic.
This guy is nuts! I am so tired of hearing idiots continue to bring up the race problems in America, the main reason there is race problems, is because black leaders use this to cause unrest, then a program is created and they get money in their pockets, look at Jessie jackson, al sharpton for examples, these are possibly two of the most racist people in America! But then again we have a potus that promotes racial violence! How can a country heal, if is is continually brought up, like a sore if it's picked at all the time it will never heal, but fester and become infected!
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